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5 over 3


Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group 5 over 3 · Qlas & Blacka Jongetjes Uit Zuid ℗ 2020 #24 Released on: 2020-11-27 Producer: Lock Studio Personnel, Mixer: Riley Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Paul Laffree Associated Performer, Vocals: Qlas & Blacka Author: Cheneydo Zunder Author: Luciano Jafari Mehrabady Auto-generated by YouTube.

5 : 3 Polyrhythm - with bounce visuals to help you keep time - Bounce Metronome Pro


see 🤍 - this is one of many rhythms you can play with this versatile metronome.

How to Find Equivalent Fractions for 3/5


To find three equivalent fraction for 3/5, we can multiple 3/5 by the equivalent of 1/1. For example: 3/5 x 1/1 = 3/5 since 1/1 = 1 and multiplying by 1 does not change the value. If we multiply: 3/5 x 2/2 = 6/10 Here again, since 2/2 = 1 we aren't changing the value, just the way it is written. Both 3/5 and 6/10 are equal to 0.6. We could also multiply by 3/3, 4/4, 5/5 and so on to find more fractions that are equal to 3/5. As long as we are multiplying by the equivalent of 1, we'll get a fraction that is the same as 3/5.

Write the Fraction 3/5 as a Decimal


In order to change 3/5 to decimal form we need to divide 3 by 5. We know that since 3 is smaller than 5 we are going to end up with a number less than 1. We can divide 3/5 with a calculator or do it longhand. In this video I did the division longhand (but checked my answer with a calculator). When we divide 3 by 5 we get 0.6. So: 3/5 = 0.6 0.6 is less than 1 so that is a good way to check if our answer is reasonable. Note that 3/5 and 0.6 represent the same quantity, the are just written in different formats. 3/5 is a fraction and 0.6 is decimal.

Polyrhythm - 3 against 5 & 5 against 3


More about polyrhythm: 🤍 Left side: Count 3 Right side: Count 5 Subdivision: 15 beats MAJUSCLES: Accented beat (hand) minuscles: normal beat Word string emphasizing count 3: FEEL the PAT-tern of RHY-thm Word string emphasizing count 5: BRING it a-LIVE - THREE and FIVE The use of word strings establishes the bridge between mind and body. Please notice how the experience of the overall rhythmic pattern shifts when you shift your focus from the one string to the other! It is not sufficient to memorize the word string. It is a guidewire but it may be pronounced without the intended accentuation, so listen to the rhythmic pattern and combine it with the two word strings!

Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 5 Launch Trailer


Catch the train, customize your weapon, and claim your revenge in Chapter 5 - Underground: 🤍 Fortnite Battle Royale takes on a striking new appearance in Underground. Discover an entirely new Island with POI's that feature the factions of The Society versus the Underground. Seek your revenge for the kidnapping of poor Peely with an entirely fresh arsenal of weapons and items. And of course with a new season, you’ll find the Big Bang Battle Pass with pages of new cosmetics. Check out the line up of Outfits geared up and ready for action from daybreak until dawn. Located in vaults are Mod Benches, which have mods available for many weapons in exchange for Bars. Add mods that reduce recoil, increase mag capacity, and more! Save up your Bars wisely, though, as not every mod works with every weapon. The Outfits are Underground underdogs and The Society’s crème de la crooked. With the Big Bang Battle Pass purchase, you’ll auto-unlock troublemaker Hope, the hope of The Underground. Progress in the Battle Pass to unlock more Outfits: -Oscar -Vengeance Jones -Nisha -Montague -Peter Griffin -Valeria The Big Bang Battle Pass also has an unlockable Car Body! Get your Sports Car ready-to-strike with Scorpion. The Battle Pass also has unlockable Decals for the Scorpion’s exterior. #FortniteUnderground #FortniteChapter5 #FortniteCh5S1 Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence. Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Learn More: 🤍

The Boys – Season 4 Official Teaser Trailer | Prime Video


The world is on the brink. Victoria Neuman is closer than ever to the Oval Office and under the muscly thumb of Homelander, who is consolidating his power. Butcher, with only months to live, has lost Becca’s son as well as his job as The Boys’ leader. The rest of the team are fed up with his lies. With the stakes higher than ever, they have to find a way to work together and save the world before it’s too late. Starring Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Jessie T. Usher, Laz Alonso, Chace Crawford, Tomer Capone, Karen Fukuhara, Colby Minifie, Claudia Doumit, and Cameron Crovetti, and welcoming Susan Heyward, Valorie Curry, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, The Boys Season 4 premieres 2024. » Watch The Boys on Prime Video: 🤍 » SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 About The Boys: THE BOYS is an irreverent take on what happens when superheroes, who are as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians and as revered as Gods, abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good. It's the powerless against the super powerful as The Boys embark on a heroic quest to expose the truth about “The Seven,” and their formidable Vought backing. About Prime Video: Want to watch it now? We've got it. This week's newest movies, last night's TV shows, classic favorites, and more are available to stream instantly, plus all your videos are stored in Your Video Library. Over 150,000 movies and TV episodes, including thousands for Amazon Prime members at no additional cost. Get More Prime Video: Stream Now: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 The Boys – Season 4 Official Teaser Trailer | Prime Video 🤍 Prime Video 🤍 #TheBoys #OfficialTeaser #PrimeVideo

NickEh30 reacts to Eminem Concert in Fortnite!


OG Fortnite Big Bang Event into Chapter 5! (Eminem Concert) 🪙 Support-A-Creator code: NickEh30 (Epic Partner) ⌨️ My new official NickEh30 keyboard, mouse, and deskpad, in collaboration with Ghost Keyboards ➔ 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 🎮 YOUTUBE SHORTS ➔ 🤍NickEh30Shorts 🎮 TWITCH ➔ 🤍 📷 INSTAGRAM ➔ 🤍 🐦 TWITTER ➔ 🤍 🎭 FACEBOOK ➔ 🤍 📽️ TIKTOK ➔ 🤍 📱 DISCORD ➔ 🤍 🖼️ SNAPCHAT ➔ 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 🎮 My Official Fortnite Maps ➔ 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 📺 More Fortnite Update Reactions (Full Playlist) ➔ 🤍 📺 More Fortnite Events (Full Playlist) ➔🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 📮 Send Nick Eh 30 mail: Nick Eh 30 PO Box 31047 Gladstone Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 5T9 • All mail/packages should be sent using Canada Post (not UPS, FedEx, etc.), please and thank you. 🙂 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ #Fortnite #CodeNickEh30

Fortnite BIG BANG Event | No Commentary (Chapter 4 Finale Live Event)


Here in full is the final event from Fortnite Chapter 4. We've gone back to Season X to finally break the loop! The zero point is no more... #codeADAMARU #epicpartner #FortniteSecrets Adam's Twitter - 🤍 Discord link - 🤍

Velvet and Veneer being an iconic sibling duo for over 5 minutes straight 💚🤍


Today's video covers to sibling duo in Trolls 3 that were feeding in their roles. After it was released, I suddenly had a ton of comments telling me I needed to make a video on them... and i figured.... I probably should watch this movie and see what the hype was about, and soon realised they devoured. Also, please excuse the editing on this video, I should have prepared it when I was in a better headspace 💀 Hope you are all doing great and KEEPING YOURSELVES HYDRATED 🥵😡 If you enjoyed the video, feel free to check out my other content and perhaps Subscribe👀 u can join the army before we reach 100k WOAH🤍💚 Copyright Disclaimer: - Under section 107 of the copyright Act 1976, allowance is mad for FAIR USE for purpose such a as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statues that might otherwise be infringing. Non- Profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of FAIR USE. 🚨 I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CONTENT OR AUDIOS OR IMAGES used in this video. Credit goes to the owners and original creators: Dreamworks Animation, distributed by Universal Pictures, based on the Good Luck Trolls dolls from Thomas Dam. Here are some tags because.... yeah... _ Trolls 3 Band Together Brozone Siblings Brother And Sister Villains Mount Rageous Fame Poppy Branch Band Glitter Sweet Dreams Ending Scene Crimp ❤️ Perfect Harmony Diamond Shoulder Pads Song Singing Floyd Hold up, Velvet was voiced by Amy Schumer?👀 Spruce Clay John Dory bEcAuSe SiNGiNg KiLLeD mY gRaNdMa 😢

How to Play Over a 1, 4, 5 Progression - 3 Levels


For a more in depth lessons check out my Truefire course here- truefire.com/set_cart.html?add=17610&src=artist And for tabs, backing tracks and more join me on Patreon- 🤍 In this lesson we look at the basics of playing over one of the most common chord progressions of all time: the 1, 4, 5. I'll show you 3 ways I like to approach soloing over this type of chord progression and provide 3 solo examples. The tabs and notation are included in the video. For the complete notation to the opening solo, downloadable versions of the embedded tabs, and the backing track I play over, sign up on my Patreon. Thanks for supporting the channel. Enjoy!! - My Gear: Josh Williams Mockingbird Guitar Headstrong Lil King S Amp Kingtone Duelist Overdrive Vahlbruch Spacetime Delay Universal Audio Ox Box Canon EOS R Sennheiser MKE 600

30 Secrets YOU MISSED In Fortnite's BIG BANG EVENT!


30 Secrets YOU MISSED In Fortnite's BIG BANG EVENT! Check Out Box Fight PVP (Code): 2204-8081-5936 Vote For Future Trash Here: 0853-1358-8532 (Map Code) Follow us on Instagram & Twitter to be informed when we post: Item Shop Code: T5G #UseCodeT5G #fortnite 🤍 🤍 Check out our Other Fortnite Videos Here Fortnite SEASON OG - BATTLEPASS & MAP REVEALED! (Fortnite Chapter 1) 🤍 Fortnite OG CHAPTER 1 - EVERYTHING NEW EXPLAINED! 🤍 Fortnite CHAPTER 1 Is BACK - EVERYTHING WE KNOW! 🤍 35 INSANE Little Details In Fortnite 🤍 Notice: We earn revenue from you supporting us in the Fortnite Item Shop. Thank you to Epic Games for partnering with us.

FORTNITE *CHAPTER 5* LIVE EVENT! (Fortnite Battle Royale)


New Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1 live event countdown gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer! 📦 PLAY PRO BOX PVP! ►5127-0084-0614 ❤️ SUBSCRIBE! ► 🤍 MY GAMES in FORTNITE! 🔴 PLAY RED vs BLUE - LIVE EVENT! ► 2786-2114-8349 🥜 PLAY FORTNUT GUN GAME! ► 8500-5091-3965 🚀 PLAY ONLYUP, TIME TRAVEL! ► 5264-1761-9807 ❤️ Make sure to FAVORITE and LIKE the maps! Check out my other channels: 🤍TGplays 🤍TGshorts Use my Support a Creator code "TypicalGamer" in the Fortnite item shop if you'd like to support me! Donate! ► 🤍 Become a YouTube Member! ► 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (5/11) Movie CLIP - Who Are You People? (2003) HD


Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over movie clips: 🤍 BUY THE MOVIE: 🤍 Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: 🤍 CLIP DESCRIPTION: The Toymaker (Sylvester Stallone) has a brainstorming session with three other versions of himself. FILM DESCRIPTION: The first American theatrically released 3-D movie from a major studio since 1991's Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over is the third entry in three years in Robert Rodriguez's family-oriented action-adventure series. Along with the four members of the Cortez family, played by Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alexa Vega, and Daryl Sabara, most of the characters from the first two films have returned, including Fegan Floop (Alan Cumming), Romero (Steve Buscemi), Machete (Danny Trejo), Dinky Winks (Bill Paxton), and Donnagon (Mike Judge). This time around, Carmen (Vega) is kidnapped by the evil Toymaker (Sylvester Stallone) and imprisoned inside a virtual-reality game. It's then up to Juni (Sabara) to venture into the game and save his sister from the villain's clutches. The film's three-dimensional segments take place inside the game. Also starring Salma Hayek, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over is actually the first of two 2003 films directed by Rodriguez that complete a trilogy, the other being Once Upon a Time in Mexico, the third installment in the El Mariachi saga. CREDITS: TM & © Miramax Films (2003) Cast: Sylvester Stallone Director: Robert Rodriguez Producers: Elizabeth Avellan, Robert Rodriguez, Bill Scott, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein Screenwriter: Robert Rodriguez WHO ARE WE? The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MOVIE CHANNELS: MOVIECLIPS: 🤍 ComingSoon: 🤍 Indie & Film Festivals: 🤍 Hero Central: 🤍 Extras: 🤍 Classic Trailers: 🤍 Pop-Up Trailers: 🤍 Movie News: 🤍 Movie Games: 🤍 Fandango: 🤍 Fandango FrontRunners: 🤍 HIT US UP: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍

Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 5 Adds Over 3,000 Lines of Dialogue - IGN Daily Fix


In today's Daily Fix: Baldur's Gate 3's Patch 5 is out and it's huge—you'll need over 100GB of free space just to install it (but don't worry, once the update is complete it only takes an extra 30GB of space on top of the base game). It adds a playable epilogue and 3,589 lines of dialogue, along with a new Custom Mode and other features and fixes. In other news, new games are being added to Game Pass in December, including Remnant and Remnant 2 (and we loved Remnant 2). And finally, Resident Evil 4 is coming to PSVR2 next week. Finally, something to play on that very cool but very expensive headset.

Countdown 5 4 3 2 1 - with voice over


Free to use our video but remember to give credits to 🤍visitvlora.com Countdown Countdown Countdown Countdown Countdown Countdown Countdown Countdown Countdown Countdown Countdown Countdown Countdown Countdown

Ronald Koeman NOS Studio Voetbal over 5-3-2 van Oranje verbeterde versie (zonder muziek)


Bij die vorige video die ik 12 mei 2014 had geüpload had ik een aantal haters achter de hand en terecht. Deze video upload ik sws voor de haters maar ook voor de lovers. Dit is de verbeterde versie dus ik hoop dat jullie nu nog kunnen genieten gezien het te laat reageren door het middel van deze video. En dat de vorige video gewoon een mislukking is.

Trin-i-tee 5:7 - Over & Over


Music video by Trin-i-tee 5:7 performing Over & Over. (C) 2011 Music World



💰 DONATE & BE ON STREAM: 🤍 💸 BECOME A MEMBER: 🤍 Today we're checking out the new Fortnite Chapter 5 Battle Royale update! A brand new map, a new battle pass, new trailers and SO much more! This is gonna be HYPE! SPECIAL DONATIONS: $5.00 - Five Dollar Footlong $6.66 - Conspiracy Confirmed $7.77 - Lucky Nyan Cat $10.00 - Banana Party $17.38 - Trap Queen $20.00 - Super Dog $25.00 - John Cena $50.00 - NUKE! TAKE COVER $100.00 - HALLELUJAH $200.00 - STORM WARNING $500.00 - PACK A PUNCH HYPE!!! 💎 Use my Creator Code Pack in the Fortnite Item Shop! Code Pack ▶️ TikTok: 🤍 ▶️ Twitter: 🤍 ▶️ Instagram: 🤍 Twitch Streams: 🤍 Join my Discord Server & come hang out with me: 🤍 🎮 ALL Livestream Replays: 🤍 😁 ALL Vlogs: 🤍 Thanks for watching the live stream, I hope you enjoy :)

The Tree of Life (3/5) Movie CLIP - Put Your Finger Over It (2011) HD


The Tree of Life movie clips: 🤍 BUY THE MOVIE: FandangoNOW - 🤍 iTunes - 🤍 Google Play - 🤍 Amazon - 🤍 Fox Movies - 🤍 Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: 🤍 CLIP DESCRIPTION: Young Jack (Hunter McCracken) plays a mean prank on his brother R.L. (Laramie Eppler), and broods on why he'd do such a thing. FILM DESCRIPTION: From Terrence Malick, the acclaimed director of such classic films as Badlands, Days of Heaven and The Thin Red Line, The Tree of Life is the impressionistic story of a Midwestern family in the 1950's. The film follows the life journey of the eldest son, Jack, through the innocence of childhood to his disillusioned adult years as he tries to reconcile a complicated relationship with his father (Brad Pitt). Jack (played as an adult by Sean Penn) finds himself a lost soul in the modern world, seeking answers to the origins and meaning of life while questioning the existence of faith. Through Malick's signature imagery, we see how both brute nature and spiritual grace shape not only our lives as individuals and families, but all life. - CREDITS: TM & © Fox (2011) Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Cast: Laramie Eppler, Hunter McCracken Director: Terrence Malick Producers: Nigel Ashcroft, Ivan Bess, Greg Eliason, Dede Gardner, Nicolas Gonda, Sarah Green, Grant Hill, Susan Kirr, Brad Pitt, Bill Pohlad, Donald Rosenfeld, Paula Mae Schwartz, Steve Schwartz, Sandhya Shardanand Screenwriter: Terrence Malick WHO ARE WE? The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MOVIE CHANNELS: MOVIECLIPS: 🤍 ComingSoon: 🤍 Indie & Film Festivals: 🤍 Hero Central: 🤍 Extras: 🤍 Classic Trailers: 🤍 Pop-Up Trailers: 🤍 Movie News: 🤍 Movie Games: 🤍 Fandango: 🤍 Fandango FrontRunners: 🤍 HIT US UP: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍

4 Over 5 Polyrhythms - Advanced Drum Lessons


FREE Series: Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard - 🤍 . Learn how to play a 4 over 5 polyrhythm in this video drum lesson. . View the resources for this lesson at: 🤍

The Hustler (3/5) Movie CLIP - It's Not Over Until Fats Says So (1961) HD


The Hustler movie clips: 🤍 BUY THE MOVIE: FandangoNOW - 🤍 iTunes - 🤍 Google Play - 🤍 Fox Movies - 🤍 Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: 🤍 CLIP DESCRIPTION: After hours of billiards, Eddie (Paul Newman) declares that the pool game is not over until Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason) says the game is over. Bert (George C. Scott) calls Eddie a loser. FILM DESCRIPTION: As The Hustler's "Fast" Eddie Felson, Paul Newman created a classic antihero, charismatic but fundamentally flawed, and nobody's role model. A pool player from Oakland, CA, as good as anyone who ever picked up a cue, Eddie has an Achilles' heel: arrogance. It's not enough for him to win: he must force his opponent to acknowledge his superiority. The movie follows Eddie from his match against billiards champ Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason) as he falls in love with Sarah (Piper Laurie), an alcoholic would-be writer and sometime prostitute, and falls under the spell of Bert Gordon (George C. Scott), a successful gambler who offers to take Eddie under his wing and teach him how to play in the big time. However, when Sarah joins Eddie and Bert on a trip to Louisville for a high-stakes match with a dandy named Findlay (Murray Hamilton), the consequences prove tragic. Along with a classic performance by Newman, The Hustler also features turns by Scott, Laurie, and Gleason, in a rare dramatic role. Cameos from pool champ Willie Mosconi and boxer Jake LaMotta add to the atmosphere of Harry Horner's grubby production design and Eugen Sch CREDITS: TM & © Fox (1961) Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Cast: Stefan Gierasch, Jackie Gleason, Myron McCormick, Paul Newman, George C. Scott Director: Robert Rossen Producer: Robert Rossen Screenwriters: Sidney Carroll, Robert Rossen, Walter Tevis WHO ARE WE? The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MOVIE CHANNELS: MOVIECLIPS: 🤍 ComingSoon: 🤍 Indie & Film Festivals: 🤍 Hero Central: 🤍 Extras: 🤍 Classic Trailers: 🤍 Pop-Up Trailers: 🤍 Movie News: 🤍 Movie Games: 🤍 Fandango: 🤍 Fandango FrontRunners: 🤍 HIT US UP: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍

Converting a 4-3 Over Defensive Front into a 5-2 Under Defensive Front


This video explains and diagrams how to convert a 4-3 over defensive front into a 5-2 under defensive front.

Baldur's Gate 3: Patch 5 - New Epilogues, Difficulty Modes & More


Talking about BG3's latest patch which brought a host of refinements and systems to the game, many of which I had previously requested myself! Intro Music By Juan Andrés Matos, 🤍 Merch Shop: 🤍 Info On Reviews: 🤍 - Support The Channel By Becoming A Member! - Become A Member!: 🤍 Follow Me On Various Social Media Steam Profile: 🤍 Steam Curator Page: 🤍 My Facebook: 🤍 My Twitter: 🤍 #gamereviews #gaming #bg3 #baldursgate3

1982 - The Six Hour Take Over - Headline Hitters 3 Ep 5


In this Episode, I tell the story of the 1982 coup orchestrated by a group of soldiers from the Kenya Airforce, that only lasted for six hours. HEADLINE HITTERS: 🤍 Other mkurugenzi abel mutua stories: 🤍 Official Mkurugenzi Podcast: 🤍 mkurugenzi merch: 🤍 watch click click bang: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE NOW: 🤍 Thank you for watching!!!!!! Support Ya Mkurugenzi Mpesa No. - 0798 659792 - Judy Mureithi Mpesa Till - 5283289 For Merchandise and Live Recording Tickets go to 🤍

Fortnite CHAPTER 5 is HERE!


Fortnite CHAPTER 5 is HERE and there is a brand new map, new weapon mods, TONS of new vaults and items! This is Fortnite's biggest update EVER! 🌟 Socials 🌟 📺 Twitch: 🤍 🐥 Twitter: 🤍 📷 Instagram: 🤍 💌 Discord: 🤍 📚 Facebook: 🤍 🎥 Directed, Edited Thumbnail by: JackZenn: 🤍 Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Hope you enjoy! #fortnite #sypherpk #chapter5

Baldur's Gate 3 Just Got an Absolutely Insane 30GB Update


Today we take a look at the massive patch 5 for Baldur's Gate 3. This update adds in a ton of new features, including new game modes and a full epilogue. Timestamps: 00:00 – Patch Overview 00:27 – New Epilogue 02:44 – New Gamemodes 05:03 – Performance & PS5 Bugs 06:39 – Quality of Life Changes 08:45 – Romance Updates Get Baldur's Gate 3 with my affiliate code here: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Sources: Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 5: 🤍 Reinstall for Patch 5: 🤍 Baldurs Gate 3 Goblins Raid the Druid Grove: 🤍 Baldur's Gate 3 PS5 lag/delay bug: 🤍 Baldur's Gate 3 - Orin Boss Fight: 🤍 Thumbnail: 🤍 Author - Ridlz Thumbnail: 🤍 Author - misowaso2 #baldursgate3 #bg3 #baldursgate3update



Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass Trailer Full Showcase Official Skins Leaks. New Fortnite Update Today, Chapter 5 Update Downtime Countdown LIVE in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 UNDERGROUND (The Big Bang Event - Eminem Concert) | NEW Locations and POIs, Capture The Train, Weapon Mods, First Person, Grapple Blade Combat Become a Member: 🤍 Donate Here: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #fortnite #chapter5 #fortniteunderground #fortnitechapter5season1

Over 60 ? Do these 5 exercises DAILY Before it's too LATE


Over 50 and Interested in Aging Strong? Improve your posture, sleep better at night, learn about the 5 Pillars of Fitness, design the most effective exercise program for your age, improve your balance, learn to reduce stress and anxiety by meditating, 2 x week Yoga classes with Elizabeth and so much more!! Join Elizabeth & me at 🤍 to learn more. New content added every month to help us Age Successfully! Get your thera-band today 🤍 (affiliate) Over 60 and self-quarantined due to COVID 19 concerns? Do these 5 exercises DAILY. Balance, coordination, strength, stability, and posture are all things that need to be addressed as we age if we want to age successfully. 5 exercises that should be included in all programs: Bridging, heel lifts, grapevine for balance and coordination, squats, and scapular strengthening for posture improvement. All exercises in the video should be done for 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions 3 times per week. In addition,I have categorized my most popular videos based on body parts, from headaches to foot pain to make it easier for viewers to watch helpful videos. Enjoy & hope they help! Headaches, dizziness, jaw & TMJ pain: 🤍 Jaw and Headaches 🤍 2 Exercises for a healthy neck 🤍 Shoulder pain with overhead reaching 🤍 Cure your shoulder tendonitis 🤍 3 ways to strengthen your Shoulder rotator cuff 🤍 At home Frozen Shoulder exercises 🤍 Shoulder dislocation exercise program 🤍 Improve your posture with this exercise 🤍 Arm pain? Check your supraspinatus muscle 🤍 Lower back stiffness on one side? 🤍 My #1 exercise for strengthening your Lower Back 🤍 5 minute daily core exercises 🤍 Hip and Lower back stretching routine 🤍 Piriformis muscle tightness (hip muscle) 🤍 Knee pain exercises 🤍 Foam rolling for hip pain 🤍 Over 50? Daily exercise routine to stay flexible 🤍 Over 50? 3 must do stretching exercises 🤍 Over 50? 5 Exercises all Seniors should do 🤍 Outer foot pain 🤍 Treat your lateral ankle sprain 🤍 Big toe pain 🤍 Would you like to support our channel to help us continue making valued based videos? 🤍 Everything helps, thanks! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the exercises, Thanks Ed Deboo, PT

5 Essential Exercises For Seniors Over 60


Here’s 5 daily exercises all seniors should be doing. Senior fitness is crucial to prevent common issues as we age…like falls, muscle weakness, mobility problems, hip & knee pain, and stooping. This seniors workout, to do at home, includes sarcopenia exercises which help prevent the type of muscle wasting that can have a dramatic effect on the health of the elderly. And it only take about 5-7 minutes a day! ‘The 3 Essential Exercises Everyone Should Do’ … Watch this EXCLUSIVE video, only here: 🤍 AND I’m developing a Coaching Program! Over 12 weeks, I help people with posture related issues—like neck, shoulder, & upper back pain—discover their root problem and correct it using science-backed mobilising, stretching, & strengthening exercises… so they can feel straight, strong, flexible, & pain free again (and get back to doing what they love). Find out more, and join the wait list here… 🤍 QUESTIONS? I answer questions here now: I’ve started a Facebook Group to help people achieve their musculo-skeletal goals. Join here… 🤍 - 0:00 Intro 0:13 EXERCISE 1. Balance & Fall prevention 0:56 EXERCISE 2. Lower leg strength & circulation 1:40 EXERCISE 3. Reduce stooping 2:22 EXERCISE 4. Leg strength & mobility 3:28 EXERCISE 5. Upper body & core - 7 Important Chair Exercises for Seniors (Fully Seated Workout) 🤍 5 Minute Morning Stretch & Mobility Routine. Iron Out The Kinks & Feel Amazing! 🤍 Fall Prevention Exercises: THE Best Balance Exercise For Seniors 🤍 Swollen Legs Or Feet? The 6 Best Things To Improve Leg Circulation 🤍 EXERCISES FOR SENIORS: 1. Single leg stands. The first exercise is essential for better balance & fall prevention, but it also helps reduce hip & knee pain by strengthening the outer glutes, legs, and feet. If you only do one exercise, do this single leg balance exercise. 2. Heel & Toe Raise. The second exercise improves leg circulation (for people with leg swelling). It strengthens the calves to make walking up & down inclines easier. And it helps us to lift our toes more as we walk to avoid stumbling over things. 3. 'Chin Tuck PLUS'. The third exercise is one of the best chair exercises for seniors. It helps to prevent us from becoming stooped as we age. A bent forward posture makes us feel stiff & old, predisposes us to shoulder problems, and brings our centre of gravity forward, increasing the change of stumbling. 4. Sit Squats. This fourth strengthens crucial muscles for mobility, and makes getting up from a chair a lot easier. It's the best of the leg exercises for seniors because it works so many important muscles, so it helps reduce muscle wasting, or ‘sarcopenia’ as it’s known, in the lower body, which is a major cause of problems as we get older. 5. Wall push-up. The last exercise covers the upper body & core. This improves shoulder health, posture (as long as you keep your chin tucked in while you do it), and reduces muscle wasting in the upper body SARCOPENIA: Age-related loss of muscle • Affects 5–13% of 60–70 y/o people, and 11–50% aged 80+ • Muscle strength declines by 1.5% between 50 & 60 y/o. And by 3% thereafter. 🤍 • 58% higher risk of fracture • 1.5 - 4.6 times higher risk of disability • Twice as likely to be hospitalized • 41% higher mortality rate in older adults 🤍 #bodyfixexercises #seniorsfitness #seniors

Padrão Over 3.5 e 5+ Gols Assertivo Futebol Virtual - Bet365


SÓ VOU ENSINAR O QUE NINGUÉM ENSINA PARA VOCÊS! Você vai aprender agora padrão estratégia exclusiva de Over 3.5 e 5+ gols no futebol virtual da bet365. Estratégia altamente lucrativa e eficaz. Já curta e se inscreva no canal para ficar por dentro de todos os vídeos! ➡ Nosso canal de sinal GRATUITO do robô: 🤍 ➡ Conheça o nosso robô de análise: 🤍 ✅ Nossa plataforma de análise, conheça agora: 🤍 ✅ [Curso] Aprenda do ZERO ao AVANÇADO a como viver de futebol virtual e quais são os padrões que eu uso e que NÃO mudam com a atualização da bet365: 🤍 Me siga no Instagram: 🤍pedro.2t ❤️ Torne-se Afiliado do Easy Virtual Bot e Receba Comissões Indicando: 🤍

The 5 Signs Your Relationship Is Over | Mel Robbins


Ready to level up? 🚀 🤍 👈 Sign up for my FREE 3-part science-backed training, Take Control with Mel Robbins! It’s designed specifically to help you step back into excellence, take ACTION, and create the life you deserve 🌟 — How do you “know” if someone is right for you? The simplest answer: Only you can decide that. In this video, I share the 5 signs your relationship is unhealthy, or at best, not going to last. Don’t see yourself in these? That’s great! But if you do, know that even though heartbreak is painful, the pain of regret and time wasted can be worse. You are worthy of an awesome, supportive, and loving relationship, so get to work on loving yourself first. 🧡 Bonus Sign #6: If you saw the title of this video and had a gut reaction, lean into that. Listen to what your intuition is telling you and do the work to prioritize yourself. — Want to keep watching? Catch exclusive EXTENDED cuts for each episode of The Mel Robbins Podcast here on YouTube 🤍 📺 Listen to The Mel Robbins Podcast while you're on-the-go! 🤍 🎧 Available wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. New episodes drop every Monday (to start your week) and Thursday (to get you through it). — Subscribe to the channel here: 🤍 — Follow me here: Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Website: 🤍​ — Want my most popular YouTube videos sent straight to your inbox? Sign up here: 🤍 — Looking for my books on Amazon? Here they are! High 5 Habit: 🤍 The 5 Second Rule: 🤍



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Fortnite Chapter 5 - All Bosses, Mythic Weapons, Medallions & Vault Locations Guide!


Fortnite Chapter 5 - All Bosses, Mythic Weapons, Medallions & Vault Locations Guide! 0:00 Peter Griffin 1:28 - Oscar 3:46 - Montague 5:25 Nisha 7:09 - Valeria 🚨Use Code "Post" in the Fortnite item shop and Epic Stores! #-EpicPartner Social Links 📮JOIN Me as a MEMBER - 🤍 💾 Other Channel: 🤍 🐦Twitter: 🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍 🎶Tiktok: 🤍 🍇Discord: 🤍 - 🖼My Fortnite Creative Maps: 👚50Fashion Show - 3589-2124-6433 - A MUST PLAY 🔴Red Light 🟢Green Light - 3238-7312-0779 🍕Food Fight Map - 5111-7601-1549 🧸Tilted Prop Hunt ⭐ - 0730-4860-4137 - NEW! 📦 Toy Box FFA - 9061-5458-7889 - NEW! 7️⃣ IO VS THE SEVEN - 3554-3153-4920 - NEW! Music by Rayale: 🤍 - More Videos - - #fortnite #chapter5 #bosses Business Inquiries - patsbusinessmail🤍gmail.com

Vaz Tè - Over 2,5 ft. Tedua, Rkomi (Prod. Nebbia)


Vaz Tè - OVER 2,5 ft. Tedua, Rkomi (Prod. Nebbia) Estratto da VT2M Segui Vaz Tè: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Segui Tedua: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Segui Rkomi Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Segui Nebbia: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Segui Simone Mariano: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram :🤍

ALCS Gm6: Ventura holds Jays to one run over 5 1/3


10/23/15: Yordano Ventura holds the Blue Jays to just one run over 5 1/3 innings, striking out five in Game 5 of the ALCS Check out 🤍 for our full archive of videos, and subscribe on YouTube for the best, exclusive MLB content: 🤍 About MLB.com: Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig announced on January 19, 2000, that the 30 Major League club owners voted unanimously to centralize all of Baseball's internet operations into an independent technology company. Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) was formed and charged with developing, building and managing the most comprehensive baseball experience available on the internet. In August 2002, MLB.com streamed the first-ever live, full length MLB game when the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees faced off at Yankee Stadium. Since that time, millions of baseball fans around the world have subscribed to MLB.TV, the live video streaming product that airs every game in HD to nearly 400 different devices. MLB.com also provides an array of mobile apps for fans to choose from, including At Bat, the highest-grossing iOS sports app of all-time. MLB.com features a stable of club beat reporters and award-winning national columnists, the largest contingent of baseball reporters under one roof, who deliver over 100 original articles every day. MLB.com also offers extensive historical information and footage, online ticket sales, official baseball merchandise, authenticated memorabilia and collectibles and fantasy games. Major League Baseball consists of 30 teams split between the American and National Leagues. The American League, originally founded in 1901, consists of the following teams: Baltimore Orioles; Boston Red Sox; Chicago White Sox; Cleveland Indians; Detroit Tigers; Houston Astros; Kansas City Royals; Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim; Minnesota Twins; New York Yankees; Oakland Athletics; Seattle Mariners; Tampa Bay Rays; Texas Rangers; and Toronto Blue Jays. The National League, originally founded in 1876, consists of the following teams: Arizona Diamondbacks; Atlanta Braves; Chicago Cubs; Cincinnati Reds; Colorado Rockies; Los Angeles Dodgers; Miami Marlins; Milwaukee Brewers; New York Mets; Philadelphia Phillies; Pittsburgh Pirates; San Diego Padres; San Francisco Giants; St. Louis Cardinals; and Washington Nationals. Visit MLB.com: 🤍 Subscribe to MLB.TV: mlb.tv Download MLB.com At Bat: 🤍 Get tickets: 🤍 Official MLB Merchandise: 🤍 Join the conversation! Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Google+: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍

5 Minute Full Body Stretching Routine For Women Over 50!


Stretching exercises! 5 Minute Full Body Stretching Routine for women over 50 for flexibility and increased mobility. Relaxing and calming stretching routine for all levels and suitable for seniors and beginners. You will feel calm, relaxed and feel like you're floating on air! Daily stretching is essential for women over 50 because as we age we can lose 50% of our flexibility, causing stiffness in the body and soreness in our joints. Do this daily stretching routine so you can keep your body fit, healthy and limber for many years to come. Welcome to fabulous50s! Here you will find content that relates to how to look younger, mature skincare, anti aging, wrinkles, how to dress over 50, style, fitness, health and beauty over 50. All the videos here have you, a mature Woman in mind and if you have any questions or video suggestions for mature Women, please feel free to leave your comment below. 🟪🟦🟩🟩🟨🟧🟥 ⬇️⬇️CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MY FREE “STAY YOUNGER LONGER” EBOOK - (Learn to F E E L G O O D & L O O K G O O D over 50!) 🤍 💪WORKOUTS TO PAIR WITH THIS ONE DAILY STRETCHING ROUTINE: 🤍 INNDOOR WORKOUTS FOR WOMEN: 🤍 FULL BODY WORKOUTS FOR WOMEN: 🤍 Disclaimer: Information provided in this video is of a general nature only and is for entertainment/educational purposes. We strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. Performing any of these exercises is done so at your own risk. 🟪To find out more: LETS CONNECT👋 ✅ fabulous50s INSTAGRAM: 🤍 PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: 🤍 ✅fabulous50s FACEBOOK: 🤍 ✅fabulous50s WEBSITE: 🤍 🙏THANK YOU so much for watching and if you know someone who may enjoy this video...Please share 🙏 ✅Please tune in for new videos each Friday at 9.15pm (Australia NSW time) (7.15am EDT) 🟦FOLLOW MY YOUTUBE JOURNEY INTERVIEW HERE ⬇️ 🤍 🟥SUBSCRIBE HERE: 🤍 🟨EMAIL ALL ENQUIRIES TO: pr🤍fabulous50s.com 🟪MAIL: Po Box 12239 Clunes, NSW 2480 Australia 2480 🟧Thank you so much xx #fabulous50s #WithMe #indoorworkout



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The Crown: Season 6 | Part 2 Trailer | Netflix


The epic conclusion of the award winning series. Final episodes of The Crown, coming December 14. Inspired by real events, this fictional dramatisation tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II and the political and personal events that shaped her reign. Seasons 1-5 and Season 6 Part 1 now streaming, only on Netflix: 🤍 About Netflix: Netflix is one of the world's leading entertainment services with over 247 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, films and games across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can play, pause and resume watching as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, and can change their plans at any time. The Crown: Season 6 | Part 2 Trailer | Netflix 🤍 With the Commonwealth irrevocably changed, Queen Elizabeth II reflects on her life and legacy, and paves the way for her successors Charles and William.

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