Doom Neural Upscale Weapons

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Project Brutality 3.0 Neural Upscale Completed (Higher Resolution Weapons)


Hi everyone. Today I finally release this extensive and massive project. While this video only showcases weapons, the pack also includes some items and pickups upscaled as well, enemies were not shown since those are really badly optimized and show some black lines but theyre ready to be tested, the nature of the sprites is classic style, so simplicity is expected. I optimized almost all the sprites without compromising the quality. Little noticeable artifacts can be seen because of the compression algorythm. Its already optimized, while I said that a mobile version might exist, that will be quite the challenge for this specific mod, since the Sprite count is too high, some weapons will still lag a bit because of the number of frames shown in rapid succesion. Without Further ado, here: Weapons and monsters 🤍 Because not everyone might like the Monster Pack, and because it can cause a bit of stuttering while playing. While this covers all the Project Brutality Official build, Addons might get the same treatment, depending if the Community liked the ones I made, and yes I am aware that PB 3.0 is always improving, so as long there are changes to the sprite work, I am willing to update the Project. More projects like this one are planed to be done, so subscribe if my content appeals to your interests! Music used was made by Nemistade, Davester and Andrew Hulshult. "Into Sandy´s City" and "Shawn got the Shotgun" by Nemistade 🤍 🤍 "Dark Halls E1M3" by Davester 🤍 D_DOOM (Map 13) by Andrew Hulshult 🤍

Beautiful Doom Neural Upscale (Links in Description)


Hello everyone, today I bring to you another Neural Upscale for Enhancing (or destroying according to some) the sprites of Beautiful Doom. Now, what does this mod do? Well basically its the classic gameplay with plenty of eyecandy, its all vanilla gameplay with enhanced visuals and particles this mod has been in Development since 2008 by Agent_ash Aka Jekyll Grim Payne. It includes enhanced Animations for the Classic Weapons with Black or Regular Glove colors as well a modernized set of weapons for those that want something different. All enemies have a set of different death animations and customized ones if killed by a Chainsaw or Plasma/Fire. Some people comment on how to set doom mods, well I am no going to make a video since there are people who already did. Check this: 🤍 So, without further ado, the Downloads list: Honte Remastered (Aka Doom II remastered): 🤍 The Beautiful Doom Mod: 🤍 The Neural Upscale 🤍 PBR Materials (Shiny reflections) 🤍 The Music you hear are classic arrangements made by ransu: 🤍 Nashgore Vengeance Edition: (Make sure you disable The mods Enhanced blood or you will get a crash): 🤍 Subscribe if the contents of my channel appeal to your interests, more projects like this are coming! And if you feel generous, you can leave me a tip here: 🤍

PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 Icon of Sin Enhanced + Neural Upscale Weapons


PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 together with ICON OF SIN ENHANCED by Onox & SgtMarkIV, Man And A Half difficulty level, Chaotic Random spawn preset plus the Neural Upscale Weapons from BerserkerNoir. Project Brutality 3.0 is an upcoming version of one of the best available mods for the classic Doom - expect a lot of fun when playing it. Please note that the Project Brutality 3.0 in its current state is still Work In Progress, so bugs are to be expected, together with crashes to desktop (same with addons, they are not 100% always compatible and actual). This Icon of Sin from Onox is quite different from the original made by SgtMarkIV for Extermination Day & DOOM 2 IWAD becase it has slightly more health and the attacks no longer can take down Doomguy with one shot. It also has a second phase when health of Icon of Sin drops below 33%, then you might see that suddenly out of nowhere can appear Revenant's homing missiles, same higher tier monsters like Revenants will begin to appear on the arena. Neural Upscale Weapons addon is quite huge and you might find the link in the author's video in the description to download it, it is a 400MB+ file with upscaled sprites and I must admit that they look extremely nice. There is also an addon file for the Project Brutality 3.0 monsters upscaled and remember that such addon might have a performance impact during the playthrough, their quality is improved a lot, monsters addon might give you some problems. Keep in mind that Neural Upscale addons work only for the Project Brutality 3.0, upscaled sprites do not contain weapons or monsters from addons such as Commander Shotgun, Paingiver, Ripper Chaingun or Marauder with his exclusive Shotgun. My Discord - 🤍 PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 DISCORD - 🤍 Project Brutality 3.0 Download - 🤍 Icon Of Sin Enhanced - 🤍 Addons - 🤍 Particles Fire Enhancer - 🤍 Neural Upscale Weapons - 🤍 ReShade - 🤍

Brutal Doom v21- Neural Upscale (Links in Description)


This addon is old, but I polished it a bit more, if you have feedback leave it in the comments, changes can be done, all the sprites are done, the video was made and then changes were adressed. Ignore the Inconsistent Liquid textures, I am testing the D4V Textures as Standalone replacement. And yes, this Upscale is compatible with Zandronum and older GZDOOM versions. Links Brutal Doom v21. 🤍 Neural Upscaled Weapons 🤍 PBR Textures for Classic Textures (Only for GZDOOM 3.2.5 and upwards) 🤍 Dox Revolver 🤍 The Music is "Shawn got the Shotgun" by Nemistade 🤍 Support me by subscribing or if you feel generous, a small donation is welcome. 🤍 Ill be making for projects like these, so stay tunned for more.

Leds Generic Weapons Mod Neural Upscale - Ancient Aliens Map11


2nd Place of the voting poll: Leds Generic Weapon. This mod is based on another mod (which is the original) Weapons of Saturn by Lippeth, it uses the same resources with some changes, the weapons feel snappy and very responsive, this mod is good if you want to play with or without new monsters. Ancient Aliens by SkillSaw 🤍 Files Leds Generic Weapon mod: 🤍 Upscale: 🤍 ACES Tonemap (EVP Shader by Mutant) 🤍 Gibbable Monsters (most demons can be gibbed now) 🤍 Ancient Aliens Music Arranged: 🤍

Death Foretold 2.5 - Neural Upscale (Links in Description)


Another Project! This one was in fact one of the very first upscales I ever made, but I did some touches again to the Upscale because I wasnt pleased with some weapons. Mod: 🤍 Neural Upscale: 🤍 The Music is from Brandom Wiebe´s Arranged Doom II Soundtrack. 🤍 Honte Remastered (Aka Doom II remastered): 🤍 PBR Materials for Classic Textures: 🤍 ZMovement (D4T Patch) 🤍 NashGore (for Extra blood and gibs) 🤍 Subscribe for more content like this, I have tons of projects in mind.

PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 Weapon Addons Showcase with Neural Upscale


PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 Weapon Addons Showcase for classic DOOM from different authors, addons are mostly available to be downloaded from Brutal Repository or Project Brutality Discord in the links below from description. Project Brutality 3.0 is an upcoming version of one of the best available mods for the classic Doom - expect a lot of fun when playing it. Please note that the Project Brutality 3.0 in its current state is still Work In Progress, so bugs are to be expected, together with crashes to desktop. Same goes with shown addons - they are also Work in Progress and remember that because PB is updated all the time, addons might stop working if not updated. And loading dozens of addons at the same time might result in total not properly working mess. This is a second part of the weapon addons showcase for Project Brutality 3.0, this time there is a Neural Upscale Addon that enhances them. Hint hint, weapons showcased in this video are not the same as in the previous part several months ago. Prepare for the DOOM 64 Unmaker, Gauss Cannon, Mastermind's Autocannon, Pulse Rifle from Aliens, Dragon Slayer Sword and many more! 00:00 - DOOM 64 Unmaker 00:29 - Spider Mastermind's Autocannon 01:03 - Cyberdemon's Missile Launcher 01:38 - Beam Katana 02:10 - Phalanx Assault Rifle 02:41 - ColdKeeper 03:14 - Pick Axe 03:46 - Gauss Cannon 04:30 - Silverhand's Desert Eagle 05:03 - BFG 2704 05:40 - Impactor Gauntlet 06:13 - DOOM 3 Shotgun 06:45 - Magnum Revolver 07:17 - Colt Peacemaker 07:49 - Ripper Chaingun 08:23 - Devastator 08:58 - M50/M55 Sniper Rifle 09:43 - HALO Reach Shotgun 10:08 - Riot & Paladin Shields 10:41 - Dragon Slayer Sword 11:11 - XM21 Sniper Rifle 11:44 - M41A Pulse Rifle WADs Used - Elementalism, Back to Saturn X EP1, Tangerine Nightmare My Discord - 🤍 PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 DISCORD - 🤍 Addons - Https://​ Neural Upscale For Weapon Addons - 🤍 Project Brutality 3.0 Download - 🤍 GigaSlayer - 🤍 BFG Division Wolfenstein Remix - 🤍 Blood Swamps Remix - 🤍 The Slayer's Path - 🤍

MEATGRINDER Neural Upscale (HQ Weapons)


The Top Choice of most of you Subs that voted in this poll, this mod will run flawlessly in older gzdoom and Zandronum Just Load it After the mod, and youre ready to go. Map: 🤍 On the Edge by DAR: 🤍 - Mod: 🤍 Upscale: 🤍 Universal Bump Maps: 🤍

Wolfenstein Style: Doom Incarnate Upscale - Weapons Showcase


Finally Completed, the Upscale for Doom Incarnate and Wolfenstein Style Mod. This video will show you all the weapons in the mod, as well how they look once upscaled, most of the maps shown here are from the lexicon compilation. And yes, some weapons have minor details, that will be fixed in the future, some are quite difficult, such as the Ubergewehr. Files: Doom Incarnate by D3athStalker 🤍 Upscale 🤍 The Sentinels Lexicon (Compendium of wads and Megawads) 🤍 Dusteds Pandemonia Monster Pack 🤍

Halo Doom: Evolved (Neural Upscale Update!) - Dead Simple Remake by Scorpio


Managed to Update the Upscale to Match the latest release of Halo Doom! Dead Simple Remake by Scorpio 🤍 Update for Halo Doom: Evolved, as this video, the version supported is V8 Which can be found here: 🤍 And the Updated Upscale here: 🤍 Project Malice 🤍 Enjoy!

Brutal Doom Platinum - Neural Upscale (Links in Description)


Happy New Year to everyone! Today I am proud to announce that the Neural Upscale and PBR Materials its been completed and ready to download. First of all these are vanilla textures for Doom and Doom II so all the original games do work with it, but the full extent of the reflections is seen with Dynamic Lights, you can use these for any mod. First the newest version of BD Platinum: 🤍 Now the mapset featured in this and the previous video: 🤍 Then the PBR Textures(shiny surfaces): 🤍 Additionally the Mod just got updated so a new set of Neural Sprites are ready: 🤍 Make sure you load the Neural Upscale after Brutal Doom. If you can share this video, it will mean a lot to me, I am trying to build a Channel. Extra Addons: Status Widget 🤍 DarkDoomZ 🤍 HitMarkers 🤍 WarTrophies 🤍 Music: DOOM 2 - The Dave D. Taylor Blues by Davester 🤍 I hope everyone enjoys these addons! If you liked the contents of my channel, make sure to subscribe for more projects like this! I will never charge people for making these addons, they take time and some effort, if you´re feeling generous you can help me with a small donation. 🤍

Project Brutality 3.0 - Neural Upscale (HD Guns)


A preview of my neural upscaling for this awesome mod. Its nearly Done, about 90% done. Few Sprites remain and some require adjustements and optimizations, there were performance issues in the recording due to my hardware limitations, but during normal gameplay it runs fine. Computers with Old CPU´s and GPUs might suffer a Small performance drop but its still playable, GLES renderer runs even better. The awesome cover you hear during the first map was done by DAR he makes awesome covers of Doom Music and even from Known pwads. Link: 🤍 Check out this track and his channel here: 🤍 If youre not familiar with the mod, heres the repository: 🤍

Brutal Doom Platinum 1.1 - Neural Upscale + Heretic's Brutal Doom Resound MKII | 4K/60


Small showcase of weapons/enemies upscale combined with new sounds. If you want to support me 🤍 Brutal Doom Platinum 🤍 BD Platinum Neural Upscale 🤍 🤍 Heretic's Brutal Doom Resound MKII 🤍 Basic Slow Motion Mod (for GZDoom only) 🤍 Reshade 🤍 My Reshade preset 🤍 Fullscreen Statusbar mod 🤍

D4t 2.5 + Neural Upscale All weapons/Upgrade showcase


#deltatouch #doommods #doom1993 #doom2 #gzdoom #zdoom #mods #mod #mobizen #addons #addon #wads #guardianhorizon #doometernal #doom2016 #D4t #deathforetold ⭐Support me⭐ True wallet 083-462-3381 ☆Facebook fanpage☆ 🤍 ☆My Discord server☆ 🤍 ☆D4t 2.5☆ 🤍 ☆Neural Upscale for D4t ☆ (Performance Update + Monsters) 🤍 ☆D4t monsters skins Doom 2016☆ 🤍 ☆no weapons on side for D4t☆ 🤍 ☆Weapons testing map☆ 🤍 ~Thank you for watching~

(FIX) Brutal Doom Kickass Edition 4.0 - Neural Upscaled Weapons (Links in Description)


Finally done! Feel Free to Comment about it! Between a lot of files and less motivation, this last project of the poll took more time than expected. Weapons Pack will come Later, the Links will be updated. The Next Poll of Mods will come one of these days. - Links: Skin Walker from DUSK: 🤍 Sentinels Expedition: 🤍 Brutal Doom: KickAss Edition 4.0: 🤍 Weapons Upscale: 🤍 HitMarkers: 🤍

doom 2 mods brutal doom + neural upscale - getting owned #shorts


Doom 2 wads with Brutal doom platinum 2.0 mod and Neural Upscale. Wad - Doom 2 reloaded. Doomworld TOP100 WADS (map packs) of all time 🤍 GZDoom download: 🤍

Brutal Doom VR Ep. 1 Knee Deep in the Dead Ultra Viol. Playthrough w/ 3D Weapons & Neural Upscale 2X


How to play Brutal Doom in VR like I am in this video: 1. Download gzdoomvr here 🤍 and unzip it anywhere. 2. Get a Doom or Doom II wad and put it in the gzdoomvr folder. 3. Download the Brutal Doom 3D weapon pack here 🤍 and leave it zipped in the gzdoomvr folder. 4. Download Brutal Doom here 🤍 and extract it in your gzdoomvr folder. 5. Download Neural Upscale 2X here 🤍 and extract it in your gzdoomvr folder. 6. In Steam, click Add Game at the bottom-left, add a non-Steam game, and browse to gzdoomvr. Click Add selected programs. It should then let you name the game and edit more options. If it doesn't, search your Steam game library for gzdoomvr, right-click on it, and go to properties. 7. Rename it whatever you want, such as Brutal Doom VR, then paste this into the launch options: -file brutalv21.pk3 -file -file NeuralUpscale2x_v1.0.pk3 -iwad doom.wad If you're using a different wad file, you need that wad file's name there after -iwad instead of doom.wad. Examples: doom2.wad, tnt.wad, plutonia.wad, etc. You just need to make sure all of your .wad, .pk3, and .zip files you want to use match the names in that launch text above. Edit it as needed. For example, a new version of one of those files might get released, and the name might change by one digit. Also, there are other versions of Brutal Doom, and you may want to try those instead. 8. Click Include in VR Library. 9. Launch it and play it in VR. 10. You'll need to setup your controls in the options menu. The left analog stick moves up/down two lines in menus, but the right analog stick moves one line. Press trigger then whatever button you want to use for that action to change it. It can be tedious, so let me know if you need help. You can turn always run on in player setup. Once you've set everything the way you want, remember to save your settings toward the bottom of the options menu before you exit the game. I play arcade games, VR, & pinball and record my gameplay with commentary. I take requests via video comments and put them in a queue doc here: 🤍 If you want to jump the line and get your requests done fast, join my patreon 🤍 join the channel 🤍 or support me on paypal 🤍 Detailed info about my Megacade arcade cabinet, where to buy one, and overall gaming setup: 🤍 Every game I've ever beaten with my favs in bold: 🤍

DownFall ★★★☆☆ - Cosmetic Doom Neural Upscale - Vanilla-ish Gameplay Mod


The 2nd Place Winner of the Poll is ready, since its a Vanilla Inspired Mod, the Amount of Sprites is minimal and not so high as other mods. The Decorations were Upscaled as Well. Now this Map, pretty intense, definitely not something I would enjoy playing with Harder Mods. It Replaces MAP07 you know how to access it. Either on the Console MAP MAP07 Or type IDCLEV07 Map: 🤍 Music: 🤍 - Files: Cosmetic Doom 1.8 (Multiple Versions Inside the Thread) 🤍 Upscaled Sprites: 🤍 Classic PBR Textures: 🤍 Music Replacement: 🤍

DOOM: PROJECT BRUTALITY - Upscaled Weapon Showcase (Update of May 2023)


Completed! Compatible with the May 2023 Build of PB Staging Branch, if you notice anything wrong with the upscale dont hesitate to tell me in the comments or in discord. Edit: Carbine has been overhauled, not in the pack yet. Will update as soon as I can. - Project Brutality: 🤍 Glory Kills for Staging Branch 🤍 Upscale 🤍 Knee Deep in the Dead Enhanced: 🤍 Honte (Doom II Maps remastered) 🤍 - Music Used: Inappropiate Behavior: 🤍 On the Edge: 🤍 Rusted Turbo Charged Arcade: 🤍 Other Worlds: 🤍 Aimshootkill: 🤍 Evil Incarnate: 🤍 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Benefits Include Upscale Projects and Custom Gameplays.

Brutal Doom Platinum 3.0 + Neural Upscale - Meathook, Nuke, Beta BFG9000 and more | 4K/60


If you'd like to buy me more bullets 🤍 Brutal Doom Platinum v3.0 🤍 BD Platinum Neural Upscale (V3.0) 🤍 Fullscreen Statusbar mod 🤍

Simple Weapons Mod Weapons Showcase for Doom


"Simple Weapons" Mod Arsenal/Guns/Weapon Set Showcase in Doom (Made by "Joblez_I") Simple Weapons is what it says on the tin. There isn't anything particularly revolutionary in it's design, Joblez just felt like making some fun, straightforward weapons. It's programmed in decorate, so you don't have to worry about version compatibility for the most part. It works with any source port that supports decorate. ZDoom forums thread: 🤍 Mod download link: 🤍 #doommods #doom1 #doom1993 #ultimatedoom #doom2 #doom #doom2 II #gzdoom #Wad #Id software #fpsgames #Mod DB #Maps #Levels #project #doomworld Community #Polishing Gameplay #Visual Aspects #weaponshowcase #fps #zandronum #brutal #zdoom #doommods #doom1 #doom1993 #ultimatedoom #doom2 #doom #doom2 II #gzdoom #Wad #Id software #fpsgames #Mod DB #Maps #Levels #project #doomworld Community #Polishing Gameplay #Visual Aspects #weaponshowcase #fps #zandronum #brutal #zdoom #doommods #doom1 #doom1993 #ultimatedoom #doom2 #doom #doom2 II #gzdoom #Wad #Id software #fpsgames #Mod DB #Maps #Levels #project #doomworld Community #Polishing Gameplay #Visual Aspects #weaponshowcase #fps #zandronum #brutal #zdoom

Project Brutality 3.0 - Neural Upscale + Gameplay (Update)


Its been a week since I published the first video, doesnt seem to have been noticed yet. So far in this update, SubmachineGun, Plasma Rifle and Revolver have been added, the axe is there but, I am still not convinced with how it ended, so I might need to use another process to make it look better. Its not much, the progress is slow but steady. I am sticking to just making the weapons 200% the size, if I were to make them bigger it would be really heavy to process during gameplay. Right Now, the PK3 of the mod weights around 200MB, just with the Shown Weapons and extra Misc Frames, it will at least weight 800 mb without any kind of optimization, since the raw files are not good for GZDOOM to handle (Unless you have a powerful processor and GPU) Mapset: Back To Saturn X Episode 2. In the video I used a beta Neural Texture pack for this mapset, and no, its not ready yet, but ill release it one of these days. Feel free to comment or ask.

Brutal Doom v21 - Arthurs Edition Neural Upscale (Downloads in Description)


Well this one took more time than I expected, and hopefully runs without issues. The Launcher you see is called SuperShotgun Launcher it can be found here: 🤍 It can be customized to your liking. Now to the main topic: This brutal doom fork is a customized version of the former Dox addon, with many other features, such as carryable items, more weapons, more recoil for most weapons, and using fidget animations will make you drop a single casing of ammo. The list of changes is so big, that I wont bother writing lol Links: Brutal Doom Arthurs Edition 🤍 Neural Upscale: 🤍 Maps of Chaos 🤍 PBR for Classic Textures: 🤍 Music Mix: 🤍 Running from Evil by Nemistade 🤍 Ill be making more projects, my followers pick which Projects are made first. Subscribe if the contents of my channel appeal your interests!

Halo Doom: Evolved - HD Weapons (Upscale AI)


Its finally completed , this one really took more time that I Expected It would... I made 2 versions of the Upscale: 200% upscale for those who have a moderately powerful PC/Smartphone. and another at 150% for lower end machines and low end Smartphones. If you feel Generous, you can send me a tip to keep my motivation alive, since these projects are not mine, I cant "sell" them, but People can Buy me a Drink for effort made in enhancing them. Consider Subscribing for more Projects Like this. #halo #doom #doommodding #zdoom Doom x Halo Fanart: 🤍 Halo x Doom Music: 🤍 Heretic Hero Remix: 🤍 - Maps used Dark Moon: 🤍 UAC Ultra: 🤍 Ultra Tex Materials: 🤍 - Mod Files: Latest Halo Doom Build: 🤍 Upscaled Sprites (200% and 150% Versions) 🤍 Alternate Download in google Drive: 🤍 Project Malice: 🤍 Xenomorph Madness no Longer Available in the thread: 🤍 But made a seemingly Working build from the Aliens Mod. 🤍 Brutal Doom Monsters Only: 🤍



Here it is! A new version of my build! Using the UPDATED version of JMartinez9820's Branch, with a NEW Hud and NEW Weapon Addons! This build contains a visual glitch with the barrels and the unmaker which i couldn't find a fix, might be related to the decorations neural pack, not sure about the unmaker, since i didn't download an unmaker addon, might be related to the atomizer. If you don't want to use the weapon addons, just ignore them and stay with the wolvexus mutator as the last addon in the load order. Weapon addons ported by AresFallen! I'm also using GZDOOM 4.10.0. Modded Doom using PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0, wad is Maps of Chaos Hardcore difficulty is 12 POINT 10 SCALE OF BAD, using Corruption Cards Chaos. MAP 17 - Tenements Download UPDATED Build: Ketx's Build 4.0 🤍 Mods Load Order Maps of Chaos Hardcore Project Brutality JMartinez9820's Branch 23-04-23 Glory kill 2152d52 PB Monster Pack Ultimate 20-11-2022 Corruption Cards 4.5a Health System Wartrophies 11 Flashlight Hitmarkers Realgore updated Doomguy eternal sounds Silentdoomguy Draugrak's BEEFY Sounds, slightly edited by me Universal Ambient Sounds Cosmo Ambience Sounds Ambient decoration sounds NewMetalD2v3 Soyboy Hexa Shotgun XM1014 Automatic Shotgun Atomizer Commander Devastator Cryo Shotgun SSG Pump D-BFG DTHP+PBR Textures LTP 6.8 Better Wall Blood Neural Upscaled Sprites UPDATED Decorations and Meatshields Neural Upscale Doom Blade Doom BladeHQ Basic Slowmo Maps of Chaos 🤍 Neural Upscaled Sprites 🤍 Corruption Cards 🤍 PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 DISCORD - 🤍 Project Brutality 3.0 Download - 🤍 Addons - 🤍 GZDOOM 🤍 ZDL Launcher 🤍 / 🤍 New Gameplays every 3 days! If you enjoy the content, maybe consider giving a Super Thanks, that would be greatly appreciated and i can show your name in my channel supporters list! Watch my Short Videos on TikTok! 🤍 Leave a like and share, please ♥ If possible, become one of our Slayer Rangers by subscribing to the channel! More clips on the Facebook page in the description! Thank you ❤ Facebook page: 🤍

doom 2 mods - brutal doom platinum + neural upscale looks great #shorts


Doom 2 wads - Doom 2 reloaded with Brutal Doom platinum mod neural upscale Its looking great. Quite different exeprience from Project Brutality 3.0 in terms of mechanics - no crosshair and different weapons. Try it out.

Brutal Doom v20b - Mersers Sprites and Enhacements Neural Upscale


1st Place of the Poll of Mods to be Upscaled. This old but memorable addon for the previous Version of Brutal Doom, adds angled weaponry, altered Monster Mechanics and Skins. This still works for Zandronum and Older versions of GZDOOM. - Map: Valiant Vaccinated Edition by SkillSaw (2015) 🤍 - Mod and Files: Brutal Doom v20b (fixed for those running in modern gzdoom) 🤍 Mersers Addon 🤍 Upscale Files (Brutal Doom v20b Upscale is separate) 🤍 Universal Bump Maps for zandronum: 🤍

Brutal DOOM - HD Textures, Liquid Textures, PBR, Neural Upscale (100 Sub)


Thanks everyone for 100 Subscribers, once I reach 200 or 130, I will do it without cheats. Links: Brutal DOOM - 🤍 Brutal DOOM Neural Upscale (Weapons) - 🤍 HXRTCHUD Platinum - 🤍 Liquid Textures - 🤍 PBR Materials (Shiny Surfaces) - 🤍 Flashlight - 🤍 Motion Blur - 🤍 Hitmarkers - 🤍 DOOM Metal Soundtrack Volume 5 - 🤍

Brutal Doom P̶l̶a̶t̶i̶n̶u̶m̶/ Awakening! by @IDDQD_1337 Neural Upscale (Download in Description)


I completed it, Brutal Doom Awakening is a New take on Brutal Doom Platinum made by 🤍IDDQD_1337 with more spice, and more alike to What Dox778 imagined for the Original Mod which Platinum was build from, and thank god the Tactical Sprint is Optional now. there are other features that I didnt highlight in this video, so you better play it yourself. Remember this Load Order: 1-Brutal Doom Platinum 3.3.1 2-Brutal Doom Awakening 2.2 3 Anything Else you want here, ANYTHING multiple Files Even. 4- Brutal Doom Platinum Upscale 5.- Brutal Doom Awakening Upscale And with that youre set. Fun story, I was having performance issues lately because the only Fan my GPU had was stuck, and overheating followed, already performed a maintenance on it, but a new fan will be needed, which will be arriving on January because it comes from China, but hey it was cheap I even Bought 2 lol at a total of 10 USD. Consider a Super Thanks Tip, I will need to replace the Thermal paste as well, I dont want my GPU dying in the first Year and end unable to make more upscales. - Music: 🤍 - Mod Files: Brutal Doom Platinum 🤍 Brutal Doom Awakening 🤍 Brutal Doom Platinum upscale 🤍 Brutal Doom Awakening Upscale 🤍 Alternate Gore Decals 🤍 ACES Tonemap (Enhanced Vanilla Project Shader by MutanT) 🤍 Softshade 0.9 🤍

BRUTAL DOOM Ballistics Weapons Showcase


BRUTAL DOOM Ballistics Weapons Showcase - all of these weapons are angled and I did not include melee weapons such as fists, Axe or Chainsaw because they look the same as in vanilla Brutal Doom. Compared to the normal Brutal Doom all of these weapons seem to have a much more different stats especially in case of damage. You also must get used to shooting these weapon from other angle because it's easy to miss especially with missiles of Rocket Launcher. Some of these weapons had been also changed a lot, for example Assault Rifle received an underbarrel grenade launcher (Zombies also have it!), Rocket Launcher's fire rate has been reworked a lot and BFG got a beam attack too. Some weapons from the vanilla Brutal Doom (Machine Gun, Assault Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Unmaker, Flamethrower & BFG10K) are missing in this addon. 00:00 - Pistol 00:30 - Submachine Gun 00:52 - MP-40 01:20 - Pump-Action Shotgun 01:50 - Super Shotgun 02:20 - Assault Rifle 02:50 - Minigun 03:05 - Rocket Launcher 03:40 - Plasma Rifle 03:55 - Railgun 04:25 - BFG 05:00 - Mancubus Flame Cannon 05:35 - Revenant Launcher My Discord - 🤍 Brutal Doom v21 - 🤍 Brutal Doom Ballistics - 🤍 ReShade - 🤍

Project Brutality 3.0 (Neural Upscale) | Doom 2 REDUX - MAP05 (UV) | 4K/60


After long time switch to PB with upscaled weapons and enemies. If you'd like to buy me more bullets 🤍 Project Brutality 🤍 Project Brutality 3.0 Neural Upscale Project (Completed) 🤍 🤍 DOOM 2 REDUX 🤍 Beefboss soundpack, Glory Kills and more 🤍 Doom3 Textures For Doom 🤍 Fullscreen Statusbar mod 🤍 Liquid textures 4.0 🤍 Reshade 🤍 RaZZoR 2022 Reshade 🤍 Standalone Flashlight 🤍 Music by Terror Syndrome - Spoiler 🤍

Brutal Doom Platinum (HD Weapons Complete)


Hi all, Brutal Doom Platinum and Enemies have been completed. You can get it here in ModDB: 🤍 Or here: 🤍 For those not familiar with the Mod this is a Fork of Brutal Doom v21 with a lot of graphical and gameplay changes. Most weaponry has figdet animations and altfires, grenade types, revamped Demon Morphs and more. In this footage you can see I am simply storming through the map without following the map rules and even with great damage resistance, I do this because I wanted to make the video fast as I could just to show whats there. Remember to load these sprites after loading the Main File otherwise it might not work. While I wont ever charge anyone for this content, someone asked me if theres a way to support me. The answer is yes, you can, if youre feeling generous enough I accept it. And no, I dont set the amount, you do. 🤍 If you like the contents of my channel, dont forget to subscribe, I am going to keep doing these enhancents to other mods.

Brutal Doom Platinum 3.1.1 - The Railgun Update (Upscale Update)


I wont cover all the changes that come in this new version, but the thing that most people wanted to see updated, were the New Railgun Sprites, These are HUGE, so Expect a Bit of Stuttering when you first shot the weapon. #doom #doom2 #doomii #doommodding Music Intro: 🤍 Shawns got the Shotgun by Nemistade: 🤍 Brutal Doom Platinum 🤍 Updated Upscale: 🤍 Uploading to ModDb Later.

Doom mod weapon showcase: Atom Rain: X Protocol V1.1A


One year ago, Mace released this kickass mod that I think has gone under most people's radars. Just doing my part to wish it a happy birthday as well as convince you to play it. :) Sourceport: GZDoom 4.10 or LZDoom 3.88B - 🤍 Map: Shooting Range.pk3 - 🤍 Mod list: Atom Rain: X Protocol (weapons)- 🤍 Damnums (damage numbers) - 🤍 SynthDoom Mk2 (Synthwave music randomizer) - 🤍 Bullet Time X (slow motion) - 🤍

Project Brutality 3.0 (Neural Upscale) | Doom 2 REDUX - MAP04 (UV) | 4K/60


After long time switch to PB with upscaled weapons and enemies. If you'd like to buy me more bullets 🤍 Project Brutality 🤍 Project Brutality 3.0 Neural Upscale Project (Completed) 🤍 🤍 DOOM 2 REDUX 🤍 Beefboss soundpack, Glory Kills and more 🤍 Doom3 Textures For Doom 🤍 Fullscreen Statusbar mod 🤍 Liquid textures 4.0 🤍 Reshade 🤍 RaZZoR 2022 Reshade 🤍 Standalone Flashlight 🤍 Music by Karl Casey 🤍 White Bat Audio 🤍



This is The Complete Walkthrough of ''Doom 2 Hell on Earth'' With Some Mods ''Platinum'' and Neural Upscale Played and Recorde by:Alberto Blaze All the Entire Levels All Bosses And Enemies All Weapons

Voxel Doom - Doom Mod Madness


Turns out it's really difficult to make an engaging thumbnail image for something best enjoyed in motion, VOXEL DOOM. ▬ Downloads ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ VOXEL DOOM - 🤍 BLOOD: COAGULATED - 🤍 ▬ Socials ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Twitch ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Patreon ► 🤍 Bandcamp ► 🤍 Soundcloud ►🤍 #voxel #doom #mod

Project Brutality 3.0 (Neural Upscale) | Doom 2 REDUX - MAP06 (UV) | 4K/60


If you'd like to buy me more bullets 🤍 Project Brutality 🤍 Project Brutality 3.0 Neural Upscale Project (Completed) 🤍 🤍 DOOM 2 REDUX 🤍 Beefboss soundpack, Glory Kills and more 🤍 Doom3 Textures For Doom 🤍 Fullscreen Statusbar mod 🤍 Liquid textures 4.0 🤍 Reshade 🤍 RaZZoR 2022 Reshade 🤍 Standalone Flashlight 🤍 Music by Radzsmon - Fractal 🤍

Doom Mod: Dark Passenger Neural Upscale - Dark Fortress (Irkalla)


4th and last choosen mod of the Mods Upscaling Batch. Inspired by Dusk and Blood Resources, this mod is compatible with all kinds of monster mods. Your choice! Enjoy! - Irkalla 🤍 Dark Passenger 🤍 Upscaled Weapons 🤍 Project Malice 🤍 Modified Nashgore 🤍

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