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Turn 10 Twist 10 | DME Arcs Made Easy | FlightInsight


Do you know how to "Turn 10 Twist 10?" DME arcs are a frequently overlooked part of instrument flying. With GPS being so universal it's rare to have to fly one the old fashioned way, but you'd hate to be caught off guard by getting an unpublished approach, so it never hurts to practice the technique. Try FlightInsight IFR Ground School. Visit 🤍 DME arcs can seem pretty complicated. But just remember you're staying a constant distance from a station by varying your rate of turn. Anyone remember turns around a point from Private? Here's the full "Turn 10 Twist 10" method broken down on the whiteboard, using the VOR 31 Approach at Atlantic CIty, NJ (KACY). View the approach plate here: 🤍 For more training and flying resources, visit 🤍

Pro Pilot VOR DME Approach and Landing Tutorial - TBM 930 - Microsoft Flight Simulator


Subscribe:🤍 PROFESSIONAL PILOT explanation of how to do a VOR approach in the TBM 930 on Microsoft Flight Simulator. In this video I will show you how to do a VOR DME approach from start to finish in the TBM 930. Simple, easy, and informative with step-by-step instructions and highlight boxes on each step. Setting up the VOR approach, intercepting the course, and arming the NAV button on the auto pilot panel (the panel is really called the flight director control panel) are the toughest parts, but I explain how to do it all. The rest is easy and made easier in my explanation. I also show the steps of setting up the approach in the FMS/FMC. The point of this video is to be able to do an approach and landing after watching it. In this video I explain how to do a VOR DME approach in Santa Catalina, California (KAVX). Entertainment purposes only.

FlyByWire A320 Tips & Tricks - How To Program DME Arc Approaches | MSFS 2020


In this video, I show you how you can program a DME Arc approach as seen on the approach charts into your flight plan, so you can leave your A320 in NAV mode and concentrate on the descent and ILS capture without having to manually fly the DME Arc and worry about the navigation. As an added bonus, I also show you how to program a special Waypoint into your Navigation database for use when you are crossing the Alps in Europe. FREQUENT FLYER? You can now join the Easyjet Sim Pilot Channel & become a member, earning you extra perks along the way:- 🤍 Channel supported by:- Thrustmaster:- 🤍 Orbx:- 🤍 Aerosoft:- 🤍 REX Simulations:- 🤍 Flightbeam:- 🤍 Macco Simulations:- 🤍

How to Fly a VOR Approach & VOR Hold | Hold in Lieu of Procedure Turn


VOR approaches give every IFR pilot heartburn. There is a ton going on, and the situational awareness required can be greater than on a GPS approach. Here are the mechanics of getting set up for and flying a VOR approach, and then flying a missed approach and hold. IFR Ground School is live and is here! Over 1000 pilots have trained with us online at 🤍 Join us!

DME Arcs


Instrument Flight

How To Intercept and Fly DME Arcs


Visit 🤍 for even more great content! Note: This lesson uses a 2-4 degree rule of thumb for adjusting heading and radial. I know that the often taught method is "twist 10 turn 10" but for this lesson I chose to use the method outlined in the Instrument Flying Handbook just for standardization. DME Arcs may seem scary to new instrument pilots, but given a few quick and easy tips they can be as easy as tracking any course. A DME Arc is just another way to intercept a final approach course. Most approaches use procedure turns or vectors to get a pilot on the final approach course. However, sometimes due to rising terrain and other obstacles it isn't always possible to safely make a procedure turn. In this lesson we'll explore how to intercept a DME Arc from both the inside and outside of the arc. We'll also look at the simple way to keep on course while flying an arc and how to slightly adjust for drift. You will also see how keeping situational awareness is key while flying the arc.

DME Arc Approach | Most Challenging IFR Approaches | VOR 15 Martin State


One of the most challenging IFR approaches out there uses a DME arc and is the VOR 15 at Martin State (KMTN) (Used to be called VOR/DME Z Rwy 15). It includes a DME arc, but unlike many other approaches that have arcs, this one has an arc as the actual final approach course. This means we'll be arcing all the way until we get sight of the runway, or go missed. When we do go missed, the missed approach procedure calls for...another DME arc! This is followed by a VOR hold. This entire approach can be flown with just one VOR and a DME (we'll substitute a GPS in lieu of DME). It's a challenge, and will definitely have me on my toes the whole time, but with a little planning and a good brief, won't be so bad! Try it yourself, then head over to 🤍 for more training tips! Chapters: 00:00 Intro Briefing 03:09 Takeoff & Climb out 07:22 Approach Brief 09:46 Joining the Arc 16:15 First Stepdown Fix 19:19 Final Approach Fix 22:11 Short Final & Missed Approach 25:34 Joining 2nd DME Arc 29:40 Holding Pattern Entry 33:02 VOR Hold

VOR/DME Approach into Catalina KAVX


This was another interesting approach (into Catalina KAVX) where an ATC actually gave me a wrong heading for my approach. Audio is included. Catalina is one of the most dangerous airports in California, doing it in IMC conditions can be a challenge. Enjoy.

Uncommon ILS Transitions | DME Arc | Procedure Turns


All ILS approaches have vertical and lateral guidance, and a decision altitude, but not all ILS approaches are identifcal. Some incorporate some uncommon transitions like a DME arc or a course reversal to get established on final. Here is the ILS to runway 18 at KPBF to illustrate. IFR Ground School is a hit! Over 600 students and counting! Enroll at 🤍

How to Perform a VOR/DME Approach! [Boeing 737NG] [PMDG & P3D]


A detailed and extensive tutorial showing you how to perform a VOR/DME approach using the PMDG Boeing 737NG! Using examples of Graz Airport, Austria and Dubrovnik, Croatia, we examine a rather simple, and a more complex VOR/DME approach! MORE INFO & CHAPTERS HERE! 👉 If you appreciated this content, please consider a donation! 🤍 Thanks for watching! Please share and like this video, it helps a lot! :) - MORE AVIATIONPRO VIDEOS YOU WILL LIKE - RNAV/GNSS Approach Tutorial! 🤍 Latest VATSIM Full Flight: Bergen to Stockholm! 🤍 PMDG 747 VATSIM Full Flight: Amsterdam to Düsseldorf! 🤍 Awesome spotting video! HEAVIES landing runway 18R 🤍 Amsterdam! 🤍 - SUPPORT AVIATIONPRO - Making videos like this requires a lot of time and effort (more than you think with all the editing stuff also surrounding making a video). YOUR help is much apprecated to help me to keep making videos and to run this channel and its website! Become a patron via Patreon! 🤍 PayPal Donation Link can be found here: 🤍 - INFO - This video gives you an idea of how to perform a VOR/DME approach using the PMDG Boeing 737NG in Prepar3D. I AM NOT A REAL WORLD PILOT, THIS IS ONLY FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION PURPOSES. I just like to present you this information as a fellow flight simulation enthusiast. If you have any comments or remarks, feel free to share them, because we, and me, are all here to learn! :) I can imagine that there are other ways of performing these approaches by making a whole lot more use of the FMS and its LNAV and VNAV functions, but the method I show you here is more 'hands-on' and involves more manual input using the autopilot. You are free to choose YOUR way though. Since I am not a real world airline pilot, I cannot show a 'proper' way to do this approach, I'm just showing you MY way of doing it, but feel free to comment on it and to adjust it yourself ;). As mentioned in the pinned comment, in the real world non-precision approaches are flown using LNAV and VNAV data while using the VOR and DME data as a reference (except for abnormal situations). Since this is just flight simulation you see here, you can do it the way you like though, and it might even be a bit more fun and, I personally think, it helps you to understand the fundamentals of VOR/DME approaches if you do it the more manual way as shown in my video. An approach to runway 17C at Graz, Austria is flown (simple VOR/DME approach) and an approach to runway 30 at Dubrovnik, Croatia (hard VOR/DME approach). Make sure you start off easy, then go to more complex approaches. P.S. I'm sorry about some video and audio lags and volume weirdness here and there. Somehow my recording settings are messed up and need a new review... CHAPTERS - Introduction: 0:00 Reviewing Approach Graz: 3:40 Start of Approach Graz: 17:19 Landing Graz: 25:17 Reviewing Approach Dubrovnik: 27:26 Start of Approach Dubrovnik: 38:40 Start of DME ARC Dubrovnik: 44:47 Final Approach Dubrovnik: 53:28 Landing Dubrovnik: 55:25 Outro: 56:09 - CHARTS - Graz, Austria: 🤍 Dubrovnik, Croatia: 🤍 - ADDONS USED IN THIS VIDEO - - Prepar3D V3 - PMDG Boeing 737-800 - ORBX FTX Global - FSDG Graz - ORBX Dubrovnik - Real Environment Xtreme Texture Direct + Soft Clouds - STAY TUNED WITH AVIATIONPRO - Stay tuned via Facebook! 🤍 Stay tuned via Twitter! 🤍

Can you fly a DME arc? IFR approach - MzeroA Flight Training


🤍 You may not hear the phrase “turn 10, twist 10” often when you’re up flying, but it will come in handy during this maneuver. DME arcs are one of those things that don't get practiced enough. However many don't realize that instead of trying to fly a continuous circle around the station, we are going for a series of short straight lines instead. Once you understand how to execute it, A DME arc is simple. One thing I REALLY encourage is for you to talk through the maneuvers so you can plan ahead and understand what is coming up next. It's all about thinking ahead and staying ahead of that airplane. Yes, I understand one of the few times you'll do a real DME Arc is on a checkride, but it's a great refresher and something more to add to your IFR toolbox. Follow along as I complete an ILS approach using the DME arc. You can even follow along with the OCF plate by following the link to our website above. Love these free videos that myself and the team create? Imagine how good our Online Ground School is!

Ep. 232: HOW to FLY a DME ARC! | IFR


SignUp Here: 🤍 Check out how to fly a DME Arc on an instrument approach! Also check out our IFR ground school with 200+ videos online at ! 👉Take our online PILOT GROUND SCHOOL✈ 🛩️Private Pilot: -Everything you need to know start to finish -How to choose an Instructor -How to perform the maneuvers -Airspace -Landings -Oral and Checkride prep (premium version) -And so much more! Try it for free with the link below! 🤍 🌦️Instrument Pilot Ground School: -Learn all the abbreviations and IFR speak -Approach Plates and Procedures -Airspace -Rules and Regulations -Systems -Real World Scenarios -Accident case studies when things went wrong -Written test prep -Oral and Checkride Prep -Etc, Click the link below to check out the course! 🤍 🛫Commercial Pilot Bootcamp: -Learn about Holding Out -Maintenance Requirements -Systems -Airspace -Rules and Regulations -See full oral exams and checkride videos 🤍 Check out our many other courses too!✈ -Tailwheel -Crosswind Landings -Weather -Airspace -Seaplane -Sport Pilot -Spin Awareness -Accident Case Studies -And more! Click below to see all courses: 🤍 #fly8ma Your Support Makes our Videos possible! Thank You! Support us at: 🤍 Check out our site at 🤍 The Free Online Ground School for Sport and Private Pilots is available to everyone as a means to make flying more affordable and increase learning for everyone. We are funded with the help of our viewers and subscribers to our website: 🤍 and our Patreon page: 🤍 Every dollar helps us to grow our project into a comprehensive online ground school for Sport, Private, Instrument, and Commercial Pilots. We greatly appreciate all of your support and hope you will share us with your friends and family in aviation. FLY SAFE! -Jon

Airbus A320 - Approach and Landing in La Palma - tricky NDB/DME approach (ENG Sub)


An impressive and difficult NDB approach into the old La Palma airport, RWY 01, with its short right turn on short final avoiding terrain, combined with strong wind updrafts near the RWY threshold due to the cliffs... it makes for an interesting landing. (Video monetized by



I have demonstrated VOR approach in this video for you according to chart Samsun/Çarşamba LTFH VOR/DME RWY13.First we are flying over to fix and entering hold in parallel entry. After 1 holding pattern we leave the pattern and start procedure turn for landing. While executing procedure turn I flew 2 minutes of outbound leg instead of flying 10 dme as shown in the chart.Hope this video will help you out to visualise and understand the mentality of VOR approach and to fly according to chart.Tnx #atpl #ifrflighttraining #vor #dme #ltfh

VOR/DME Approach in Low Visibility IFR Conditions in Cessna 172 using Garmin G1000 - Flight Sim 2020


This video features a Cessna 172 landing in low visibility IFR conditions using a VOR/DME approach on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. The electronic flight display is the Garmin G1000 and shows how to tune the navigation frequencies and fly using VOR navigation and DME, also known as distance measuring equipment. Great reference tool for private pilots preparing for their instrument check ride.

Instrument Approach Procedure| VOR/DME Arc


Arnaldo is close to his Instrument checkride and as such we need to go up and make sure he knows his approaches! In this video we go through the VOR/DME-A at KISM. Enjoy the flight! Support LewDix Aviation on Patreon! 🤍 Become a Patron today! LDA Family members: Arnaldo Santiago Sam Lutz Bill Stranahan Ethan Smyth Ian Cowan Chris Weldon Ben Davis Richard Anderson Jon Hoare Karl Lohrke Allen Lang Alex Bravo Chris Patti Yichao Yu Robert Norman Robert Sogomonian Tim Miller Matthew Gut Tony Smith Mark 'BigBaby' Hill WarDamnWade David Tesch Nathanael Hartman Jon Provencher Jason Thomas Reuben James Bartee Luke Hache Keith Robinson

VOR/DME Approach - FlightGear HowTo #29


This video tutorial explains how to perform a basic VOR/DME Approach towards an airport. VOR/DME can be very useful when approaching an airport if you can not see the runway yet and there is no ILS system. But I think VOR/DME is more often used for general navigation on long distance flights. Related Videos 🤍 - 777 Autoland 🤍 - HowTo 1: ILS 🤍 - HowTo 20: ILS Revisited Related Videos 🤍 - Real time A330 Basic VOR/DME Approach 🤍 - HowTo 20: ILS Revisited 🤍 - Route Manager and GPS Settings Additional Info Software used to make this video: FlightGear (v 2.8) ScreenFlow (recording) Final Cut Pro X (editing) Motion (motion graphics and intro) Logic Express 9 (music)

LOWI Innsbruck RWY26 Special LOC/DME East Approach


Dash 8 Q400 approach to runway 26 via the special localiser DME east approach. Straight in landing.

Innsbruck Airport (LOWI) - LOC DME East Approach Tutorial


This is a full briefing and approach into Innsbruck Airport (LOWI), Austria. Enjoy. Airplane used: Wilco Airbus A320 Scenery used: Aerosoft Innsbruck Approach plate link: 🤍

MSFS - Very Steep LOC/DME Approach into KASE


In this video we fly one of the most dangerous instrument approaches in the USA that results in a VERY steep final approach in the Cirrus SR22

MSFS 2020 | How to fly a VOR DME ARC Approach in the A32NX flybywire mod [Tutorial] 4K


There are quite a few different approaches to choose from depending on which airport you are arriving at... ILS, VOR DME approaches, VOR Radials, RNP (aka RNAV / GPS / RNSS) and more. I'll try to cover them all over time! If you find this useful, please click Subscribe - and be sure to click the Like button too while you're here! This tutorial for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, shows you how to fly a VOR DME Arc into an airport if that is an approach you are faced with or assigned. Quite a few airports use the procedure still around the world - including the Greek Island of Rhodes in this example. I will take you through the basics of how to fly the Arc - and as I show you - be careful of any terrain that you might be flying towards as well. Check the charts and follow them carefully. Each Region's charts may look different as well but ultimately all the information you need will be there somewhere. Remember that the descent and final approach is all down to us and as it's a visual approach and landing, the minimums will be a lot higher than an ILS approach too. If you've given it a go let me know how you got on in the comments below! I've ALSO created a PDF 'Training' Document to help explain it even further. You can access it here: 🤍 As mentioned in the video, you could in theory just leave the aircraft to fly the computed arc via Managed Heading Mode, but that's less involved and doesn't require any thinking! Be sure to check out all of my other tutorials too while you're here. If you enjoyed my work and want to support my streams, head here: 🤍

VORs on G1000 | Using Dual VORs | VOR DME on G1000


The Garmin G1000 has only one HSI to display VOR signals, but that doesn't mean we can't use dual VORs for identifying cross radials or overlaying VOR on GPS navigation. The PFD options softkey is the ticket to picking up more than one VOR at a time, as well as having DME information displayed. This is part of the full G1000 online course available at 🤍 Simulator is MSFS2020, with Working Title G1000 NXi Add-on.

Aspen LOC DME-E and Visual Approach Phenom 300


Riding along with Brandon as he takes us into Aspen on an overcast day in the mountains. On this flight, I'm observing Brandon as he is flying single pilot. This is required once a year and unfortunately for Brandon it happens to be going to Aspen. Thanks to his training and professionalism it was just another day on the job. Good job Brandon! Edited using Final Cut Pro X MacBook Pro Follow me on Instagram & Snapchat for updates, photos, and stories of my travels. 🤍 🤍 Music by Epidemic Sound 🤍 This video is intended for entertainment purposes only and shall not be considered any form of flight instruction.

How to Fly a DME Arc


Donate to our channel: 🤍 Visit: 🤍 to see how we can help you put your aviation exams behind you! This time we took an extract from our Instrument Check Ride Prep Software to show you an easier way to shoot a DME Arc.

How I Fly A VOR/DME Arc Approach| No Flap Landing


Join Otto and I as I show you how I do a VOR/DME Arc Approach into Kissimmee, FL. This is not flight instruction, I am merely showing how I perform the approach. Enjoy the flight!

Approaching Manchester in a less usual way: VOR/DME approach


🤍 Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) presents a video which shows you how to conduct a non-precision approach into Manchester's runway 25R. Pranas Drulis and Kristaps Kalninš, ATPL Integrated students at BAA, will demonstrate the VOR/DME approach procedure, using the short-range air navigation aid (VOR) with distance measuring equipment (DME). Follow us Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍

Kathmandu VOR/DME Approach Using LNAV/VNAV


This video shows a execution of a VOR approach in Kathmandu using LNAV and VNAV. It is important to highlight that the procedure loaded on the FMC may differ from the one available on the aircraft. Have in mind that operators may have their own customised procedure designed for a given approach. Here, a procedure with a constant descent rate will be show. Due to Flight Simulator limitations, the GP angle of 4.51º will not be displayed between the waypoints.

VOR Approach with DME Arc - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020


In this video we do a VOR Approach in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). We look at the approach plate and show you the basic aspects of it. We show you how to tune a VOR, how to track a VOR, how to do a DME arc on a VOR and how to tell when you've passed a VOR. SKIP TO THE ACTUAL APPROACH: 10:19 Look up FAA approach plates: 🤍 -Keyboard Flight Academy- 🤍 -Suggested Products- FLIGHT SIMULATION GEAR Yoke and Throttle Quadrant 🤍 Rudder Pedals 🤍 Joystick 🤍 Joystick, Throttle and Pedals 🤍 Xbox Controller 🤍 STREAMING GEAR Shure SM7B Microphone 🤍 Logitech Pro Stream Webcam 🤍 IRL FLIGHT GEAR Bose A20 Aviation Headset (BEST PURCHASE EVER) 🤍 RAM Aviation Ipad Mount 🤍 WEIRD Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow 🤍

VOR Approach & DME Arc Tutorial with Airline Pilot / Flight Instructor in Microsoft Flight Simulator


This is a raw data VOR Approach and DME Arc procedure in Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2020. This shows you how to complete the procedure without loading it into the GPS and flying on Navaids instead of GPS tracking. Check out my channel for other approaches including ILS and RNAV approach procedures. You can also find some general flying instruction there to help you improve your aircraft handling skills which will improve your accuracy during instrument flying! The approach plate can be found on Skyvector free of charge: 🤍 Please Like and Subscribe!

MSFS | Tutorial | How to fly a VOR DME Approach | PMDG 737-800


#MSFS2020 #MicrosoftFlightSimulator #Tutorial Hello everyone, in this video I'll try to explain how to fly a VOR DME approach using PMDG 737-800. this should apply to all 737 variants. If you want to see this tutorial for different aircraft plase leave a comment below., Enjoy! Please leave a comment down below for your questions and requests. MSFS Mods I'm using : 🤍 MSFS2020 Tutorials playlist : 🤍 Don't forget to subscribe and turn on the notifications to get notified when the next episode is out! Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Join me on Discord: 🤍 00:00 Intro 01:16 What is a VOR DME Approach 02:30 Aircraft configuration 04:18 Approach briefing 10:06 Flying the approach 20:33 Landing 25:28 Taxi to the gate 35:08 Outro My PC Specs CPU: AMD Ryzen 5600K 🤍 4.8 GhZ Motherboard: Asus TUF Gaming B550M - PLUS GPU: Zotac RTX 3070 TI Amp Holo Ram: 32GB Viper 3200mhz DDR-4 HDD: Crucial P2 M.2 PCI-e 500 GB Viotek 32" curved monitor 1440p ViewSonic 27" monitor Thanks for watching!

How to tune an NDB and DME on the G1000


How to set up your nav aids for NDB/DME navigation on the G1000

PMDG 737-700 for MSFS - Tutorial: VOR Approach


Hi all, I'm a PMDG tech team member and real life 737 pilot. Here is my next video in the 737 tutorial series. In this tutorial I will show you how to fly an RNAV approach using LNAV and VNAV. The video has been taken using a pre-release beta version of the product, so you can expect to see some issues that will be fixed before release. There's no need to point those out as the team will be aware and working on them already. For example the trim sound is not yet implemented. If you like my videos please consider a small donation as it's taking a lot of time and effort to create these. 🤍 And if you really love the videos, consider becoming a Patron: 🤍 These tutorials are not designed as absolute beginner tutorials. It is expected that the viewer already has basic experience with airliners and knows the basics how to operate an aircraft. Instead these tutorials will focus on the 737NG as an aircraft and the particularities of how to operate it. I'll be closing this introduction by saying that I'm not a professional YouTuber or Streamer quite yet and these videos are my very first that actually get more than a hundret clicks. I have never before created such content so bear with me for doing beginner mistakes. I record straight from the sim without any fancy stuff going on in the background. Tools and addons used in this video: Flight Plan (OFP): 🤍 SimToolKitPro: 🤍 Navigraph Charts: 🤍 Simbrief Flightplanning: 🤍 St Maarten scenery: Nvidia Shadowplay Windows Movie Maker My system specs: Intel i9-9900k🤍5,2GHz RTX3080Ti 32GB RAM Windows 10 Pro My hardware: Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke and Throttle Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Thrustmaster Pendular Pedals

MSFS 2020 - FENIX A320 | Butter in Funchal, Madeira. | VOR/DME RWY 05


Finally the winds in Funchal favoured runway 05 so it was time to head down to the island of Madeira. I decided to go for the VOR/DME approach and flew a very tight visual which turned out perfect. According to Volanta the touchdown rate was -41ft/min. Settings available on discord. Join here: 🤍 PC Specs: ASUS TUF H370 | Intel i7-8086K CPU 🤍 4.0Ghz | RTX 3070 Ti | 32 GB DDR4-3000 Add-ons: Fenix A320 AMSim Madeira Funcahl Freeware flightrecorder tool for replay

Virtual Flightschool: How to fly a DME Arc


Hi everyone! In this video I'm giving you an introduction to the DME Arc! Please consider a like and subscribe if you want to see more tutorials!

How ILS Works | Instrument Landing System Explained | IFR Training


An introduction to how the Instrument Landing System (ILS) works. When visibility is too poor to allow for a visual approach to a runway, aircraft use instruments to detect radio signals aligning them with the centerline and proper approach path. Complete Your IFR Training! Visit 🤍 for the FlightInsight Ground School! The oldest and still most precise form of instrument approach is the ILS. It involves a glideslope antenna, transmitting a signal giving the aircraft vertical guidance, and a localizer, giving lateral guidance. It can also provide distance information using marker beacons. By following these signals, aircraft can descend to almost the runway threshold before gaining visual sight of the field for landing. Here's a basic explanation of the Instrument Landing System, using an example approach at Sioux Falls, IA. Show your support for our channel by giving us a "thanks" above, as we continue to put out training videos every Tuesday and Friday! Thanks to Global Life for the clip at the beginning of this video of an ILS approach to landing at minimums: 🤍

How to fly a VOR Approach on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 using the Airbus A320 [FBW mod]


I've committed to re-creating my older tutorials that suffered from sound issues and decided to try and explain things a little better. This video is a replacement for my older VOR Approach Tutorial uploaded a few months ago as we flew into Skiathos LGSK. It's one of many VOR approaches we may be expected to fly on MSFS 2020 - especially when on VATSIM. Something we need to consider, is that the VOR station for Skiathos is not actually on the airfield, but on another island - so this changes the procedure for us a little. All the information however, is included on the charts and we go through this during the video. If the VOR approach involved a VOR station at the airport itself, we would use the VOR course similar to that of the VOR Arc tutorial uploaded a few days ago where we flew into Rhodes. Be sure to click Subscribe if you like the content and if you've found this video useful then consider clicking Like and giving me a thumbs up. If you've given the procedure a go, let me know in the comments below how you've got on! If you enjoyed my work and want to support my streams, head here: 🤍

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 | Tutorial | How to Fly a VOR DME ARC Approach | FBW A320


#MSFS2020 #MicrosoftFlightSimulator #Tutorial Hello everyone, in this tutorial we'll look into how to fly a VOR DME Arc approach, Enjoy! Please leave a comment down below for your questions and requests. MSFS Mods I'm using : 🤍 MSFS2020 Tutorials playlist : 🤍 Don't forget to subscribe and turn on the notifications to get notified when the next episode is out! Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Join me on Discord: 🤍 My PC Specs CPU: I5 9600K 🤍 5.0GhZ Motherboard: AsRock Phantom Gaming Z390 ITX GPU: Zotac GTX1070ti Ram: 32GB Viper 3200mhz DDR-4 HDD: Crucial P2 M.2 PCI-e 500 GB Viotek 32" curved monitor 1440p ViewSonic 27" monitor Thanks for watching!

Flying a Back Course | LOC/DME-E KASE Aspen | Reverse Sensing | IFR Training


What is involved in flying a localizer back course? A localizer sends out a signal in two directions, the one opposite to the approach to the runway is the back course, and it can also be used for lateral navigation, though the guidance works differently. When flying inbound on a localizer back course, you need to fly away from the needle, not chase it, this is reverse sensing. Some instrument approach procedures incorporate a back course as guidance, while others, like the infamous LOC/DME-E approach into Aspen, Colorado, use an off field localizer to broadcast a back course as part of a missed approach procedure. For more training tips, visit 🤍 If you're enjoying this content please consider subscribing, your support helps us produce this great material twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays! 🤍

Biggin Hill IFR LOC/DME approach in a PA28


On a return IFR flight from Lydd, I speak to Thames Radar and obtain vectors for a LOC/DME approach to Biggin Hill. Thank you for following and subscribing. Music from the YouTube Audio Library The Only Girl, Silent Partner Read more: 🤍 Join me on facebook: 🤍

NDB/DME Approach I A321 **V1.03 BETA** I FJS 727 I REAL Airbus pilot LIVE


I promise you we will eventually leave these lovely islands off the coast of Africa, however we have ONE MORE SHOT at redemption into LPMA. But first we will take the mighty 727-200 aircraft down to an arguably MORE challenging approach into La Palma Airport (GCLA) shooting nothing but an NDB/DME Circle to land approach. It doesn't GET more raw data than THIS! Then we will flip the coin and take the (still private) BETA version of the Toliss A321 back up to Madeira for the last time. They say 3rd times the charm, we will find out how true that really is. Have airbus questions? Id love to help, join us in live chat! You have a real airbus captain at your keyboard to interact with so fire away! Support the channel directly here! 🤍 Want to show your loyalty to the channel and get access to custom badges, exclusive members only content and more? Become a member today! Check the link below for more details. 🤍 V1 Toga greater than Flex Mug! 🤍 =Help someone get into the Flight Simulation community, more details here! 🤍 = note the content herein is provided for simulation/entertainment purposes only, and has been tailored to fit in a single crew environment. For instruction on how to fly the A320 consult your company FCOM/SOPs Top 10 all-time donation List 1 IMDimitri 2 Q8Pilot 3 BurakUslu 4 VincentCrump 5 RobertB 6 pizzicar 7 AndrewP 8 Dougal 9 DarrenAllen 10 zeekmorrow Todays Aircraft Toliss 321 V1.0.3 Beta! BSS Soundpack and Fly J Sim 727-2 Join our new Discord https:🤍 Custom V1 Livery done by my good friend and real world Artist Chris Shaw, check out his work here 🤍 Custom Audio alert/countdown music done by YouTube Channel (pianomaniac14) also check his website out at 🤍 - Plugins/Addons - ORBX-LOWI ORBX Great Britain south and London City EGLC X-checklist 🤍 IAE Egnine mod - 🤍 IAE mod install video - 🤍 HeatBlur Fix - ShortFinal KLAX Nimbus KORD Active Sky XP Water LUA 🤍 Realvu Headshake - 🤍 Landing Plugin (i find much more realistic then any other with the G loading, also I like having performance numbers eg Height above threshold, distance from centerline etc) - 🤍 Forkboy Ortho Scenery - 🤍 Better Pushback - 🤍 X-vision - Default Vivid preset Toliss 319 Cockpit PFD mod - 🤍

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