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Sea Kayaking the West Coast of Skye 2022 (part one)


Part one of our six day sea Kayaking trip down the West Coast of Skye. This video covers from Dunvegan to Loch Bracadale and Harlosh, taking in the infamous Neist point and the superb Macleod`s Maidens sea stacks. This is a stunning piece of coast, with amazing cliffs, caves, natural arches, sea stacks and idyllic camp spots, it offers sea kayaking to rival anything in the UK.

Introduction to sea kayaking - How to sea kayak - learn to kayak


Our 19 lesson Introduction to sea kayaking course covers everything you need to know to safely get afloat. We will help you choose the right kayak, paddle and equipment as well as running through all of the areas you need to consider before you get afloat. We then look at some key skills to help you control your kayak. As an OSK subscriber you get access to this course as well as all of the other individual courses so when you have got the bug you can move on to master all aspects of sea kayaking.

Online Sea Kayaking - Surf two different effects


This lesson looks at how a surf wave tries to capsize a sea kayak and the two different effects the waves have on a kayak. Subscribe at 🤍 to access all of the online sea kayaking courses. Free 7 day trial and monthly and annual subscriptions via Online Sea Kayaking website.

NORTHSEAKAYAK - Sea Kayak Training Camp Lumbarda, Croatia edition 2023


Times flies! This is already the fifth edition of the SKTC in Croatia! We share our passion and knowledge with other sea kayak enthusiasts from all over the world. The advantage of this SKTC is that everyone can join and that we can train basic and advanced techniques in a calm and beautiful environment with low risks. That way it’s possible to give a very personal approach what is very much appreciated by the participants. Safety and making fun are key in the program, if there is no smile on your face, then there must be something wrong. The SKTC takes place over five days with both theoretic lessons and a lot of practice on the water. We start with basic things and then move over to combined exercises and even worst-case scenarios where the participants must solve the problem. Working as a team is equally important, the first day we immediately said that we don’t want a group, but a team! I want to thank the team members for their positive spirit during the camp, my assistant Boris to be at my side during coaching and again Boris & Ivka from 🤍 for a perfect organisation. Let us not forget NSK team member Sylvie! Without her it would not been possible to make this video, she spends hours on the beach and in her kayak to take a lot of footage…. Maybe we will see you next year? Paddle safe and take care of each other!

Rolling a sea kayak - Overview of the roll - sample lesson


This lesson is a sample lesson from our comprehensive rolling a sea kayak course. With lessons on developing confidence, how to learn the roll, developing a reliable roll and rough water rolling. To access the whole course and all of the other Online Sea Kayaking Courses visit 🤍

We are MORYAK - A sea kayak Documentary


In our modern societies there is a certain expectation towards what we do with our lifes. What we have to achieve. These linear life models are not made for everyone. Some of us need more freedom. More adventure. More vitamin sea. So, meet Yuri! A PhD awarded anthropologist, an ISKGA Sea Kayak guide, an entrepreneur, a true Moryak! I was lucky to accompany Yuri and his team to tell the story of their journey! This is a story about finding your place, choosing the path that is right for yourself. It is about authenticity, dealing with obstacles along your way, standing in for ideals and what it means to be Moryaki. I'd be glad if you want to be part of that journey! :) Tom 🤍 🤍 🤍

Sea Kayaks vs Recreational Kayaks | Pros and Cons


This week on Paddle TV, we're comparing sea kayaks vs recreational kayaks. While they're often used interchangeably, they are different paddlecrafts and they require different skills to use – so let's dive into the pros and cons of each. SPONSORED BY Aqua-Bound: 🤍 NRS: 🤍 MADE POSSIBLE with the Support of: Bell Fund: 🤍 Other paddling gear I use and recommend: NOTE: These are affiliate links where I'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you, but it's a great way to show your support. Thanks! KAYAKS I recommend Sea Eagle 380x: 🤍 Sea Eagle 393rl: 🤍 Sea Eagle 385ft: 🤍 Tucktec: 🤍 Pakayak: 🤍 Decathlon Itiwit: 🤍 Oru Kayak Inlet: 🤍 AquaGlide Chelan 120: 🤍 Advanced Elements Advanced Frame: 🤍 Star Rival Inflatable Kayak: 🤍 Isle Switch Hybrid SUP/Kayak: 🤍 Jackson Kayak Tupelo 12.5: 🤍 Wilderness Systems Pungo 120: 🤍 Perception Pescador: 🤍 PADDLES Aqua Bound Manta Ray Carbon Paddle: 🤍 Aqua Bound Tango Fibreglass Paddle: 🤍 Aqua Bound Whiskey Carbon Bent Shaft Paddle: 🤍 FOOTWEAR NRS Kicker Remix Shoe: 🤍 NRS Boundary Boot: 🤍 PADDLING SHIRTS / TOPS NRS Guide Long Sleeve Shirt: 🤍 NRS Guide Short Sleeve Shirt: 🤍 NRS H2Core Silkweight Shirt: 🤍 NRS H2Core Silkweight Long Sleeve Shirt: 🤍 NRS Hydroskin Short Sleeve Shirt: 🤍 NRS Riptide Splash Jacket: 🤍 NRS Flux Dry Top: 🤍 PFD’S NRS Odyssey PFD: 🤍 NRS Zen PFD: 🤍 NRS Chinook PFD: 🤍 OTHER PADDLING GEAR Zoleo Communicator: 🤍 NRS Drylander Sprayskirt: 🤍 WRSI Current Helmet: 🤍 PADDLING SHORTS/BOTTOMS NRS Benny Board Short: 🤍 NRS Hydroskin Shorts: 🤍 SUNGLASSES WileyX: 🤍 FOLLOW KEN Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 MADE POSSIBLE with the Support of: Ontario Creates: 🤍 PRODUCED BY Heliconia: 🤍 Contact: info🤍 #PaddleTales #SeaKayaking #RecKayaking VC206

Sea Kayaking Out To & Back From, The Isle Of Man


I kayaked the twenty miles from the Isle of Whithorn in Scotland to the Point of Ayre on the Isle of Man to collect my brand new Big Pond Kayaks ‘Mannta’. I left my old kayak to be refurbished and I paddled my new one back the next day. It was a wonderful adventure.

Sea Kayaking | The one thing that completely transformed my skills overnight


Discover what is by far the most important secret in sea kayaking. It’s the key to quickly developing the skills to be a confident kayaker with peace of mind, in all kinds of conditions. Sea Kayaking | The one thing that completely transformed my skills overnight Sign up for the free "Wear Your Kayak" Course: 🤍 In this video I want to show you, what is by far the most important secret in sea kayaking. It’s the key to quickly developing the skills to be a confident kayaker with peace of mind, in all kinds of conditions. I can almost guarantee you it’s not something you have heard before. And there is even a good chance that you already learned something which directly contradicts what you are about to discover. Yet I have seen this one thing transform even experienced kayakers with instructor level certifications. And I have seen beginners learn this, and in a few months or less, they are more agile in their kayaks than most paddlers with 15 years of experience. I know it sounds a bit much. But I can’t water this one down. I see it making that big of a difference. Before I start you should be aware of this. If you need to believe that the kayak certification programs have all the answers, and the Inuit who invented the kayak and evolved it over thousands of years, couldn’t possibly have any wisdom to share, this video is not for you. If you need to see nature as a hostile place that is out to get you, this is not for you either. You may even find this video painful to watch. I’m Paulo from Dancing with the sea. And I give sea kayakers the skills they need to feel right at home on the water. But not the way you might think. People ask me why is it that I only teach kayaking with the Greenland paddle. It’s hard to explain in a few words. But after watching this video until the end, I think you will understand why. Kayakers come to me thinking their skills need a bit more fine tuning. When often this issue is much simpler and easier to fix. Often they want to use the kayak to explore beautiful places. Maybe their low brace doesn’t feel quick and strong enough, and they want to feel less anxious when the waves come up. Or sometimes they are struggling to keep up with their friends, and they are looking for more fitness because, they don’t have the strength to us force. If you are using the sea kayak as a way to enjoy your time in nature, this will likely be the most important kayak video you ever watch. By the way if you are really serious about developing your sea kayak skills and you like what we are talking about and you want to go deeper, you might want to get the free lesson I made for you on how to outfit your kayak for agility. I think you will enjoy it. You can get it by cliking the link in the description. About 20 years ago I started using the Greenland Paddle. I knew nothing about how to use it, but I loved how smooth and quiet it was. One day there’s about 6 of us on a paddle. The waves were a bit bigger than what I was used to. I was still a beginner. Of Course I’m the only one with a Greenland paddle. And i’m feeling some pressure to prove it’s worth because at that time, people didn’t think much of it. They thought people just use it to be different. While watching carefully to find that subtle difference that would help me succeed, I had this realization. When you are wearing something it doesn’t hinder your range of motion, unless it’s a cheap suit. And it moves with you. You don’t have to worry about a good fitting pair of pants falling off when you start walking. It allows her to do what she loves, when previously she thought her body just could not handle kayaking. For bracing, you don’t have to react with a quick enough smack on the water to stop a capsize. I was paddling with a fairly inexperienced paddler one time when the waves were starting to build up. We were broadside to the waves and it was obvious he was getting more and more tense. If you would like to get started with with wearing your kayak, I created a free online mini course to help you adjust the fit of your kayak to make it work. just click on the link in the description and sign up for the free video course. Thanks you for watching this video until the end, if you found some value in it please share it with your friends. Comfort Paddling skirts and tuiliks: 🤍 Sign up to get free video course: 🤍 Comfort Paddling 1735A Kings Rd Victoria, BC V8R 2N9 🤍 facebook link: 🤍 google plus link: 🤍 youtube channel link: 🤍 youtube video link: 🤍 Sea Kayak Forward Stroke | Quiet Equals Efficient

How to kayak in rough water - paddling in waves


Here is the introduction lesson to our paddling in waves course. These lessons follow on from our paddling in wind lessons and will help you gain more stability and more control out in rough water. To watch the full course and gain access to all of the OSK Library of courses visit 🤍

Pointe du Raz, Rough Water Sea Kayaking


Alice on a rough water sea kayaking trip to Pointe Du Raz in Brittany France, shot on a GoPro Session camera, hence in the style of a First Person computer game. 🤍 Re-edit of this video. Some clients are never happy.

Forming a sea kayak expedition | Ep 1 - Bass by Kayak


Bass by Kayak follows Beau and a band of merry men across Australia's Bass Strait in a Sea Kayak. This famous body of water separates the Australian mainland and Tasmania. Episode One of Six is all about putting together the many moving parts of an expedition. For all the latest on tours, Patreon, books and other Beauisms - 🤍 This film is a six-part series following Beau’s sea kayak expedition across Australia’s Bass Strait. Episode 1: 🤍 Episode 2: 🤍 Episode 3: 🤍 Episode 4: 🤍 Episode 5: 🤍 Episode 6: 🤍 WINNER of ‘Best Sea Kayaking Film’ - Reel Paddling Film Festival 2018 WINNER of ‘Best Sea Kayak Film’ - Waterwalker Film Festival 2018 Dan: 🤍 MUSIC by David Cuthbertson: 🤍 Adventure Kayak Magazine: 🤍 Mirage Kayaks: 🤍 Monash Outdoor Education: 🤍

Surfing a sea kayak - Diagonal run introduction


This video introduces the idea of surfing down the line in a sea kayak. Subscribe to access all of the Online Sea Kayaking - Surfing a sea kayak course. 🤍

Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Skills Level 4 Certification PART 1


I'm very proud to reach this next milestone in my paddling career. Big thanks to SKILS and Instructors Micheal Pardy (lead) and Mike Gill (assist) for an amazing course. Thanks as well to my fellow students; they were a fantastic group of excellent paddlers with a wide range of skills and experience. I learned from all of you. 🤍

Sea Kayak Around Ireland - 1500km Epic Journey - Full Documentary


Winner of Best Sea Kayaking Film - Reel Paddling Film Festival 2017 Sea Kayak Around Ireland is 45 minute documentary the tells the story of 2 Irish Sea Kayakers who take on their dream journey of circumnavigating their country. 2015 will go down, for myself (Jon Hynes) and my paddling partner, Sean Cahill as being one of our most memorable years. We both have enjoyed a lifetime of adventures from a very young age. This has been one of our most satisfying adventures yet. We really hope you enjoy our documentary “Sea Kayak Around Ireland”. It’s been a dream of our to paddle around our own country for many years. In fact we were inspired by many of our kayaking friends who have taken on the journey in the past. Over the year both Sean and I have kayaked all over the world, we’ve had great victories over nature and the elements both on the sea and on the river. Sometimes we fared less well against those elements, however we always maintained a grounded sense and a willingness to learn. With these experiences behind us we embarked upon our dream trip around Ireland in June & July 2015. Not only did the weather and elements test us but our trip was a celebration of life, fitness, adventure and most of all, Irish people. Every day we met people, who were so kind to us, we are forever grateful to each and everyone of you. Hopefully this film in some small way reflects how much that kindness means to us. Ireland truly is, one of the world’s most special places to come and sea kayak. Both Sean and I would to thank the following people and companies. Cian Walsh of Marine User Experience (🤍) for all his hard work, dedication and unending energy to help us bring our story to life in this documentary. We really appreciate every ounce of energy you gave. Much respect. Thanks to Nick Bendon of 🤍 , he came on board our trip plans from a very early stage and supported us with product and publicity. Yak Kayaking equipment kindly supplied us with some really fantastic kit. The Greenburg Buoyancy Aid and Glacier Jacket felt like battle armour when we faced the most challenging of Atlantic sea condtions. 🤍 Craghoppers clothing and Gavin Fox were also very kind to us taking care of all our shore based clothing. Thank you. 🤍 Gavan Murphy of 🤍 kindly supplied us with a Spot Tracker Gen 3 device that was superb in allowing people to monitor and track our progress. Thank you. Thanks to the following. Declan Counihan of West Midland Optical & Julbo eyewear. Reed Chillcheater 🤍 Graham Stanley 🤍 The Speckled Door pub & restaurant Old Head of Kinsale. Oisin McGrath who filmed us with his drone in Co. Clare, a special thanks! 🤍 Big shout out to Pearse and Jason of 🤍 , THE best online surf shop in Ireland! Music Annette Buckley Beneath the Big Blue Sea, thank you so much for this beautiful track. Can't wait to take you sea kayaking in Summer 2016. Moby SSDX The Hynes Family, thanks for all your belief in me over the years. A special thanks to my Father, Tony Hynes and my Mother, Hillary Good who gave me the opportunities as a young boy to go kayaking and brought me to the most special place every summer, Roaring Water bay, West Cork. Those childhood experiences have forged a lifetime love of being out on the water. A special thanks to the Cahill family for all their support of Sean and his journey around Ireland. A special thanks to all the volunteers and staff at Coast & Cliff Rescue stations and RNLI stations all around Ireland who let us camp, shower, refresh along the way. Keep up the great work at sea. We’d also like to acknowledge and thank the lads who work 24:7 at the Marine Radio Centre’s at Valentia Island, Malin Head and Dublin. Thanks for watching over us and the weather updates every day. We really do appreciate your great work. A final note, to our wives, your belief in us and un-ending support means so much. Without you, we could not have done this! Thank you. Sea Kayaking Around Ireland is something that can be enjoyed by everyone. Check out 🤍 for details of all the people who have taken on the challenge. Documentary Enquiries to hello🤍

Fast Sea Kayak Turn - Turning a Sea kayak 180 degrees efficiently


This is an individual lesson from our comprehensive Edging and Turning Online Course. In this lesson James takes you through how to turn the kayak while paddling backwards to end up paddling forwards. To subscribe to access all of the online sea kayaking courses please visit 🤍

Crash Course To Sea Kayaking For Beginners With Adriatic Sea Examples


If you love the sea the you will probably love sea kayaking. There aren't many things that put you as close to the sea as a sea kayaking trip. You are on or near the sea 24 hours a day. As a sport sea kayaking in pretty easy and safe, but because it happens on the sea it can also be dangerous. A calm peaceful sea can turn into blown out wild and dangerous monster in a matter of minutes. So preparation and some knowledge and experience are key. This video sums up everything a sea kayaking beginner should know about this sport. It follows a couple on a sea kayaking trip between the islands of the Adriatic sea while explaining everything from why sea kayaking is great and why it sucks, what kind of gear is needed for sea kayaking, kayak, paddle and what do you need to bring on a multi day sea kayaking and camping trip. To learn more about sea kayaking you can also check our written guide: 🤍 Video also mentions waterproof bags, backpacks and dry bags that are a must on any sea trip, this bags were used in the video: 5L , 15L and 30L dry bag pack 🤍 50L Waterproof backpack 🤍 and 30L Waterproof backpack 🤍 You can also follow our adventures on Instagram: 🤍

2020 sea kayaking skills - scramble self rescue


Self-rescue skills are important for all sea kayakers, especially if you can't rely on assistance. This video breaks down the key elements of the scramble self-rescue - including full demos, balance exercises and problem-solving tips. For more information about our Essential Membership platform visit 🤍

Lake Superior - Sea Kayak Expedition - Part 1


Sea Kayak Expedition on Lake Superior, from Sleeping Giant to Rossport, eight days, 180km. Enjoy boreal forest and glacier rocks of #LakeSuperior northern shore. Part 1... Highly recommended for all sea kayakers to get there and experience this kayaking gem width Zack Kruzins 🤍 #SeaKayaking #LakeSuperior #suchaniceday #SAND Credits: As I Figure - Latinesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. 🤍 Source: 🤍 Artist: 🤍 Acoustic Guitar 1 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. 🤍 Artist: 🤍 Just As Soon by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. 🤍 Source: 🤍 Artist: 🤍

ELBA - A Sea Kayak Circumnavigation


After our trip to Mongolia we were travelling to Italy, for circumnavigating the island Elba! Which was a rather short trip of one week and approximately 120km coastline to kayak. Since wild camping is not accepted too much in Italy we have spent some nights on camping grounds and also slept some nights along the coast, with no tents, under the mediterranean sky, but with some rats 🙂 Sharon, Yuri and I have done some trips together, it’s so much fun and there’s so much to learn from them. For me Elba was a new level of swell, waves, wind and I was surprised of how much I learned during that trip. Never thought I would learn how to roll 😀 Compared to the last film about Mongolia, this video isn't so much about the perks during a seakaykaing trip, but more about the fun parts! So I hope you enjoy it and I hope it transports how much kayaking and spending time on the ocean means to me. Give it a like, follow, subscribe, share, if you like it! There's a lot to come, stay tuned! Tom MY INSTAGRAM: 🤍

Online Sea Kayaking - Laying Off a Course


James from online sea kayaking goes through how to lay off a course using a plotter, parallel rules and a compass. This video is from the online sea kayaking course - Navigation and Planning. For the full course visit 🤍 and try a 7 day free trial.

Solo Sea Kayaking - The Old Man of Stoer


I was determined to sea kayak behind the Old Man of Stoer despite the large swell creating a lively and challenging sea. The film is in real time and I advise turning the sound up for the immersive atmosphere.

Sea Kayak Safety - A general lesson on how to stay safe out on the sea


In this lesson James goes through some of the key considerations to help keep you safe out on the water. Our online courses go into lots more detail about rescues and planning but this lesson gives an overview with some helpful information. We wanted to release this full video here on you tube to make this important information accessible to all. If you would like to subscribe to our Online Courses please visit 🤍 to find out more info.

Solo Overnight at the Sea - Kayaking and Sleeping in a Hilleberg Tent


Camping with tent (Hilleberg Allak) overnight at the Bothnian Bay (Bottenviken). Calm relaxing night at the sea, with morning coffee and a refreshing cold bath... Patreon - 🤍 Paypal - 🤍 Shirts and Mugs - 🤍 Your support helps make more videos. Thank you!

Kayaking though Seattle's Ballard Locks | Adventures on the Puget Sound | Sea Lions and Seals


In this episode we travel to Seattle, Washington, take a kayaking tour with Ballard kayak & Paddleboard where we kayak the Puget Sound and lock through one of the busiest locks in North America. We also see some of the local wildlife of the area such as sea lion and seals. It was quite an interesting day. join us on this adventure. Kayaking though Seattle's Ballard Locks | Adventures on the Puget Sound | Sea Lions and Seals Book your own tour at 🤍 If you enjoy this video, please like and share this video. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel for more update. Stay tuned. Subscribe now : 🤍 To follow our adventures check out my social media accounts kayak7seas: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Kayak7seas Merch: 🤍 Join the kayak7seas Discord: 🤍 My Gear: Go Pro Hero 9: 🤍 256GB MicroSDXC Memory Card: 🤍 Spare Batteries: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 2 Pack (Big U-Shot and U-Shot) Monopod: 🤍 Lifejackets: 🤍 or 🤍

The best sea kayak in the world?


Some history on the Anas Acuta: 🤍 Valley Sea Kayaks: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 My gear: Kayaks: Valley Nordkapp (2013) Valley Anas Acuta (2015) Valley Gemini (PE 2017) Rebel Ilaga (Carbon 2029) Paddles: 2 Gearlab Outdoor Akiak (2,05 m) Aquabound Whiskey (2,15 m) Aquabound Manta Ray (2,15 m) PFD (life wests): Rebel, black Palm Kaikoura Dry suit & Tuiliq Palm Cascade dry suit 4 Reed Chillcheater Tuiliq Tent & hammock Hilleberg Allak tent Hilleberg UL 10 tarp Hennessy Explorer hammock Sleeping bags & pads Robert’s Outdoor Explorer 1000 M+/W, goose down 750 cuin Haglöfs Lupus -8 Sleeping Bag magnetite Fjällräven Silhuett 5M Expeed Downmat 9M Expeed Downmat XP 9M Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 Robens Chair High with insulator Electronics: Garmin InReach Explorer + Garmin Oregon 600 Garmin Colorado 300 Spot Gen 3 Cameras: Nikon D5100 Olympus Tough TG6 GoPro Hero 8 Black GoPro Hero 6 Panasonic Lumix GH5

Online Sea Kayaking - Brace or Recovery


This lesson from the staying Upright course looks at the difference between a low brace and a low recovery when sea kayaking. Subscribe at 🤍 to access all of the Online Sea Kayaking Courses.

Sea kayaking in Orkney


A newly-launched local business is giving people the chance to see Orkney from a different angle. Sea Kayak 59° North offers special experiences for kayakers of all experiences - novice to expert - in the waters around the islands. From the caves and coves of the west coast, to the wartime wrecks at the Churchill Barriers, there is so much to see. Find out more with our special blog at 🤍 See more from Orkney: Visit our website: 🤍 Find us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍

Online Sea Kayaking Tips for Long-Distance Paddling: Efficient Forward Strokes


Fewer strong strokes are better than lots of weak strokes. Combining a slow-stroke cadence with the momentum of a loaded boat lets you glide through the water while lowering the impact on your body. For long days of paddling, this tip is clutch.

Sea Kayaking in Tidal Waters - Online Course - Tide Races, Overfalls and Currents


This course covers all aspects of paddling a sea kayak in tidal waters. There are lots of individual lessons coving skills like - breaking in to flow, crossing currents, surfing in tidal races and much much more to subscribe to see all of the lessons visit 🤍

Sea kayaking through Canada's Pacific Northwest


#seakayaking #pacificnorthwest #camping This time Helaine and I are spending 3 days, exploring Canada's Gulf Islands by sea kayak. We stay at gorgeous campgrounds on a small island, see sand caves and lots of seals. This camping adventure can be done easily from Vancouver, just by public transport. We took the ferry from Vancouver and rented kayaks at Galiano Island. From there we kayaked to Wallace Island, which has three campgrounds. Using it as our base, we also visited Thetis and Saltspring Island. _ Music Platforms I use: Artlist: 🤍 Big Selection. Cleared for client work Epidemic Sound: 🤍 Music+SFX Musicbed: 🤍 Big Selection. Great tracks with vocals Ritual Music: 🤍 I like the vibe of their music Audiio: 🤍 Lifetime Membership available Camera Gear I recommend: Action Cam: 🤍 Big Drone: 🤍 Small Drone: 🤍 FPV Drone: 🤍 DSLR for Video: 🤍 DSLR for Pics: 🤍 also great for video Lense I use most: 🤍 Mic I use: 🤍 360 Cam: 🤍 Don’t lose your stuff: 🤍 Post Production Editing Software 🤍 Map Animations 🤍 Make it pop: 🤍 Work with me Instagram: 🤍andreashasselbeck For inquiries please contact me at 🤍 _

Norway: Sea kayaking beyond the Arctic Circle


Two weeks and 175 km of Winter kayaking from Tromsø to Narvik. 350 km beyond the Arctic Circle in the far North of Norway. If you like to see more from us or this trip just have a look here. ▸ BLOG: 🤍 ▸ INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ▸ FACEBOOK: 🤍 ▸ TWITTER: 🤍 The music was provided by David Hyde 🤍

Sea Kayak Tide Race Skills with Kayak Essentials Penrhyn Mawr


A quiet day, a neap tide with a slight underlying swell – great conditions for developing tide race skills and confidence.

sea kayak tips for beginners | don't use rudders


sea kayak tips for beginners | rudders Move with your sea kayak course: 🤍 This video will show you an often ignored but critical detail of turning your sea kayak with ease when the wind is blowing hard. If your sea kayak has a rudder, don’t use it… At least not until you first master what you’re about to learn here. The fact is that sometimes your rudder will help you, and sometimes it will force you to go the wrong way. And if you’re not comfortable putting your sea kayak on edge in the waves, and feel secure that you won’t capsize, you could find yourself in serious trouble. You need to know when to put your rudder up. And have the skills to turn yourself without the rudder when you need to. A second reason to not use the rudder is I think many of us long to relearn how to move in nature with ease and harmony. And kayaking can be a great practice for that. It requires awareness...It’s a practice of mindfulness actually. At least it can be if you want kayaking to feel like a good contrast from your everyday life. I see a lot of people deploy their rudder as soon as the wind comes up. And they may not pay any attention to the direction of the wind, and how it’s pushing and turning their sea kayak. Using the rudder can be more about forcing the sea kayak to move no matter which way the wind is blowing. And yes the rudder is there to help you control your sea kayak in the wind. But it won’t always work. Think of paying attention to the wind and waves. And how they impact your sea kayak. Are you trying to turn into the wind, or downwind? When you understand how the wind impacts your kayak, you can move with more ease. Instead of following rules like wind equals ruder down, pay attention...notice how the wind is trying to turn you. And think about the most efficient way to move in that environment. Many years ago I was paddling with a novice, on a very windy day. Probably too windy for him to be out there, but I wanted him to get some practice in the wind before a multiday trip. And along the shoreline the water was actually pretty calm. I thought as long as we avoid getting sucked into the real nasty looking water offshore, he should be fine. So we’re paddling along the shoreline, and decide to turn around when the wind is blowing about 25 knots in our face. Just slightly away from the shoreline. He got his kayak turned around mostly. But in the process got a little further from shore. And as he tried to get the kayak to point towards the shoreline to come back, the wind kept pushing the bow of the kayak offshore, right into the big steep waves that he was not ready to handle. On a very windy day, the rudder will act like an anchor. And keep the stern of the kayak towards the wind. And push the bow downwind. The rudder works by moving the stern. And if the bow isn't moving the kayak turns. But if the wind is pushing the bow quicker than the stern can move, you’re just fighting with the wind... and you might lose. What you want is the ability to turn in rough windy conditions. That means you can edge without the risk of capsizing. You can do a sweep stroke, either at the front or the back. You will use one or the other depending on the conditions. If you are paying attention. You need to learn to keep your paddle in a position that gives you support as you turn. So you don’t have to worry about capsizing. If you don’t learn to do this, turning in the waves will be scarry. And unsafe. Maybe it sounds hard but it's easy after you know how to move with your kayak. That’s why I created a video to show you how to move your whole body to edge securely and make a powerful turn. click the link in the description below to sign up for the free video I made for you. It’s part of a paid course but you can get this lesson free for now. So to summarize. Having the rudder down is not always helpful. If you don’t learn to control your kayak without the rudder you could find yourself getting pushed into conditions you desperately want to avoid. As you start to see how the wind tries to move you, it becomes easier. For example you may notice that without the rudder your kayak wants to go into the wind. That’s fine if it happens to be where you want to go. If not putting the rudder down will help you keep on course most of the time. In higher wind you might find that having the rudder down causes your kayak to go downwind too much. You need to pay attention to know when to bring it up. As you develop the skill of paying attention, and your ability to turn your kayak securely without the rudder, you notice that controlling your kayak becomes a lot easier. You’re not worried about the wind pushing you out of control. You have confidence that you can handle yourself. And kayaking is much more enjoyable. Thanks for watching

Gear For Sea Kayaking


Here's my gear for Sea Kayaking! Sea kayak, kayaking, Greenland paddle, drysuit, San Juans, Pacific NW, Ocean kayak

Sea Kayaking Treshnish Isles, April 2022


This is a film of my recent solo sea kayaking trip out to the Treshnish Isles off the coast of the Isle of Mull. I gave myself three days to explore and wild camp, to and from Tobermory. It was as always, an incredible experience with the highlight communing with the wonderful Puffins on the island of Lunga. I hope you enjoy.

Online Sea Kayaking - Breaking In and Edge Control


In this video we go through the principles of edge control as we move over an eddie line in our kayak. This lesson is taken from the comprehensive paddling in tide course. To view this course in full and the other comprehensive sea kayaking courses check out - 🤍 and try a 7 day free trial.

Is this the best beach in Scotland? Sea kayaking in Ardnamurchan - 4K


Back for 2022, its been a while but finally Spring is here and allowing us to get a few days away paddling on our favourite places. Let us know where to head next, and don't forget to Like & Subscribe! Much Appreciated. Stuart

Sea Kayaking in the worlds biggest archipelago


Today we go kayaking! We will scout some new islands for future nightover trips.

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